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Working with small businesses: from a blogger’s point of view

Guest post submitted by Jessica Marr of Mom Vantage When I started blogging almost two years ago, I was completely overwhelmed by the blog/business relationship. I didn’t know what to expect from them, or what they would expect from me. Thankfully, the first few businesses that I worked with were wonderful, and I still have […]

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November 16, 2011

Do you credit your sources when blogging?

Long ago I ran across a blog post that talked about this topic. Sorry – I cannot recall the post! What stuck with me was the statement that giving credit to your source is a sign of security. Those who give credit are secure enough to share the spotlight with someone else. I liked that […]

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Reliable Bloggers: Our first list is ready to go!

Are you a business owner, looking for bloggers to review your products or host your giveaways? Numerous other sites offer lists so having a list is nothing special. I know that. What makes our list different is: It’s free Every single blogger joined on their own accord: NO ONE was added without permission We are […]

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Do you judge other bloggers and their advice?

You’ve probably heard the advice: “Are you upset about something? Before you write that email, letter or blog post, sleep on it. If you wake up the next day and still want to write, do so with a clear mind and not with an emotion-based reaction.” Last week I wrote a post titled, “Are you […]

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Business and Website Tips 101

Time and time again I see business owners not taking advantage of simple promotion and business strategies. Here are a few of those… Right Side vs Left Side We read from left to right. Our eyes generally land on the RIGHT side of a website page when we visit a site or blog. Therefore, you […]

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“Approving” your blog/article comments: Do’s and Do Not’s

Over the years blog comments have become a rather interesting sub-culture. Some blog owners turn their comments off, completely, never allowing for dialogue or conversation to take place. Other sites (like news sites) put through every Tom, Dick and Harry, spammer, angry citizen, hateful mean spirited so-and-so with nothing better to do than Troll. Here […]

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