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Should you accept that PR Pitch?

The following post was written as a guest article for The Knit Wit blog. I am posting here, also, for my own clients and readers… Should you accept that PR Pitch? Does your head spin when reading Online about the varying opinions from bloggers and mom bloggers, related to PR pitches? Why do some bloggers […]

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Do you judge other bloggers and their advice?

You’ve probably heard the advice: “Are you upset about something? Before you write that email, letter or blog post, sleep on it. If you wake up the next day and still want to write, do so with a clear mind and not with an emotion-based reaction.” Last week I wrote a post titled, “Are you […]

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Reliable Bloggers List : Does your business need a review or giveaway?

Do you need a Reliable blogger? Are YOU, yourself, a Reliable blogger? Here’s the deal, my friends. Once a week or so, someone writes and asks me: “Who is a good mommy blogger? I need some people to feature my product or run my giveaway. Who can you recommend?” I quickly respond with my own […]

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