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Bing Teacher Appreciation: Leave a comment about a teacher (and read my story)

When I first saw the email come through regarding Bing Education, my initial thought was, “Oh! Bing Note is doing something for teachers – great! I can’t wait to find out what it is!” I had to read through the email a bit before realizing…no…this is for Bing – as in the Bing search engine […]

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September 1, 2009

Bing Note: How’d ya get on TV?

BRAG moment here at Mommy Perks 🙂 One of our newest Partners (advertisers), Bing Note, recently signed a contract with a television program. Their character, Bingzy the Bee, will be featured on 25 episodes of the soon-to-air  kid’s show Krysta’s Kingdom (coming this month). I asked Lisa, co-owner of Bing Note, to share with me […]

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