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Get new readers to view your old content

When I first began blogging I wondered, “Should I be posting this material now? I really want a lot of people to view this particular post and I don’t have many readers at the moment. Maybe I should wait and just post so-so content at first. I’ll post my better stuff when I have more […]

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“Approving” your blog/article comments: Do’s and Do Not’s

Over the years blog comments have become a rather interesting sub-culture. Some blog owners turn their comments off, completely, never allowing for dialogue or conversation to take place. Other sites (like news sites) put through every Tom, Dick and Harry, spammer, angry citizen, hateful mean spirited so-and-so with nothing better to do than Troll. Here […]

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Ten Reasons Why You Should Read [Whatever it is I Write] – this was a dare post, yes.

My buddy Karen has a blog titled, “It’s all good if you can laugh.” We have that philosophy in common – that laughter is the much needed remedy for a broken world and a crappy day. When Karen requested (via a twitter DM) that I join her on a blog challenge mission, I agreed. She […]

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