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The following interview is being presented as a part of the Mommy Perks Small Business Feature campaign. If you would like to apply for a free business feature please fill out the form. On a side note, I love that Sharon started her business the very year that my eldest son was born!

Get to know Sharon Davis, owner of a website that offers work at home job ideas:

Sharon Davis, business owner

Sharon Davis, business owner and founder of

Tell us about your business and why you started up

After I had my second child, I was overwhelmed with the need to stay at home with my girls.  I felt that I was missing out on the most important part of my life. The deciding moment for me was seeing a picture of my older daughter on her first day of school. I was never able to be there, as my company held their annual meetings each year on that day. She looked so sad in that picture, it was devastating.

After being at home for some time, I decided to look for a part-time job that I could do from my home office. I realized that in addition to the extra income we would have, a job would provide me with the professional interaction that I was missing.  I embarked on an Internet job search and was frustrated to find the large number of scams targeting stay-at-home moms. I knew there had to be legitimate jobs out there but I just wasn’t finding them.

I realized that there were many others who were in the same situation and it was at this point, in September of 1999, that I was inspired to start Since then, has grown into a major web presence. The site provides free job listings, companies that hire telecommuters and many resources for those who are looking to start a home business.

What challenges did you face along the way?

The first challenge was my startup budget.  It was $0.  I didn’t even have a shoestring.  So, what I did was to join an affiliate program that sold educational CD-Rom’s for kids.  Every penny I made with that went into building the business.

Eventually, I was able to drop that as the business became profitable.

What’s your favorite thing about running/owning a business?

Without question, it’s the freedom it allows.  I no longer had to miss out on anything in my children’s lives.  They are 22 and 16 now and I am so grateful that I was able to be there for them during their younger years.

Who is your target demographic and how can/do you help them?

Most of my site visitors are parents who want to work from home to be with their children.  I also have military families and seniors looking to supplement their income.  I research home businesses, maintain a blog where I post job listings on a (nearly) daily basis and many other resources to help people to find a way to work from home.  Everything is completely free.

Do you welcome guest posts from others?

I am always looking for quality content on the topics of home business, working at home and telecommuting.

Can you offer us 3 tips for marketing and promoting Online?

  1. Social media can be such a powerful marketing tool.  Use it to build relationships.  For example, on Twitter when I get a follower I will look at their page to see if they actually engage in conversations or if it’s nothing but a list of quotes or self-promotion.
  2. Article posting and guest blogging are great ways to build your credibility and to create links to your site through your author bio.
  3. Most of my traffic comes from search engines.  It’s really not as complicated as many people would have you believe.  Create and maintain a site that has fresh, relevant content and the search engines will like you.

Would you like to offer a discount of any kind to our readers?

If any of your readers would like to advertise with me, I’ll be happy to offer a 10% discount.  Just have them mention Mommy Perks 🙂


Thanks for the interview, Sharon! I appreciate the chance to get to know more about you. We’ve chatted before through our 411 Voices connections and I learned even more about you through this interview. Thanks again!

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