Visualize ASL: review and feature (learn ASL with these interactive CD’s)

Are you a visual learner? Most of us would say, “Yes!”

Visualize ASL has created two interactive CD’s to use at home or in the classroom:

  1. Interactive Activities: Basic Vocabulary & Fingerspelling
  2. Interactive Activities: Memory Match Games

My review:

My husband and I both had the pleasure of reviewing the ASL CD’s. At first we thought the CD’s were simple and easy but we quickly realized – the difficulty levels increase! We really enjoyed the level of difficulty as we both like to feel challenged and stretched. The Memory Match Games are similar to the game Memory (from childhood).

On each CD, the signs are clearly illustrated by the host, creating an effective learning experience.

People often complain about ASL charts and pamphlets because it’s not easy to learn the correct signing procedures from a flat piece of paper (much like trying to visualize a 3D image that’s been drawn on a 2D board).

For this reason, Visualize ASL CD’s are a great way to learn ASL. They are interactive and engaging: the host demonstrates the signing techniques using the proper hand motions and movements:

About Basic Vocabulary & Fingerspelling

With over 450 vocabulary items this interactive CD will provide you with hours and hours of exposure and practice with basic vocabulary and fingerspelling in ASL. There are 21 categories (examples: animals, numbers, sports) divided into sets of about ten items. You can practice as much as you want, then take a quiz and print your quiz scores.

About Memory Match Games

Kids use these match games to find matching pairs, but be warned, it gets complicated! They first get to choose a theme: animals, things, or food. Then they select the game type: match the sign to the sign, match the sign to the graphic, or match the graphic to the text. Once they choose the level of difficulty – easy (match 6 pairs), medium (match 10 pairs) or difficult (match 15 pairs) – they can play alone or challenge a friend in 2-player mode.

Visualize ASL: Mission statement

We set out to create an empowering, engaging, visual learning experience for anyone interested in learning American Sign Language. Following the success of our first CD, we are excited to grow our unique series and continue honoring our mission:

  •     To inspire learners of American Sign Language through quality, interactive CDs.
  •     To promote Deaf artists and businesses through our contracts and our actions.
  •     To foster enthusiasm and respect for the language and culture of Deaf Americans with our modeling and our materials.

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