The Mommy Shops: Shop, list your own business and get involved!

The Mommy Shops is a market place that exclusively features products made by, sold by and invented by Moms.

The Mommy Shops first launched in November, 2011. The concept is simple:

  • Support mom owned businesses
  • Support hand made and women-invented products
  • Provide an affordable outlet for businesses to list and sell their goods

Cost: You’ll pay just $3.99 a month to list inside The Mommy Shops

Toni, founder of Seed Mommy, shares:

It helps to think of The Mommy Shops as a low cost way to advertise your business, but instead of getting button ad, you get to showcase your products.

Some online shops take payment through their own site. This can cause hassles with inventory stock, payments being moved over to the business owner’s account and so on. For these reasons, Toni decided to direct the buying traffic right to the business owners website.

Toni states:

When shoppers see a product they want to buy, they click on “purchase” and that takes the shopper directly to the business’ website to complete the transaction.  We did this because a. it simplifies everything for the business because they can control the transaction (don’t have conform to how we would do it), b. they don’t have to track inventory with us and c. they get paid immediately – so they don’t have to wait for us to cut them a check after sales go through.

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