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sandraMeet Sandra Wilson, owner of the Home Education Resource Emporium

Tell us about your new adventure.

I am organizing an Educational resource show offering resources from a variety of vendors plus activities for kids to learn, enjoy and become involved in. My eventual goal is to open an Educational Resource Centre but until I can financially achieve that goal I thought having a vendor type trade show presenting a variety of resource ideas to home educators and parents would be beneficial as well as provide a great background for the centre when it finally opens.

What got you started and why did you see a need in the market, for this resource show?

I run an online educational thrift show and attend various trade shows to “sell my wares”. Sure, there are a lot of vendors but very few are specific to the educational focus that I am presenting. Very few offer the opportunity for kids to come and get involved as well.

Who can benefit from what you offer?

I am hoping that home educators, parents. teachers and all those concerned with educating children can come have fun and understand how fun and learning can work together to benefit a child’s education.

What’s your favorite thing about the show, so far?

Right now, my favourite part is the confirmation that two teen sisters who have created their own charity and are coming to share their story in hopes of inspiring others.

What plans do you have to grow the show?

I have had a lot of support and interest and the show is only in its first week of development. I hope that this can become an annual event with a continuously changing variety of vendors/services and activities so that everyone can connect with just the resource they need!

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