June 25, 2014

Start a Business (SEO friendly domains)

Below you will find numerous domains for sale. Each one can be used to start your own business. Click any BUY NOW button to purchase the domain. If you need additional help setting up a site for your new business, contact WBS for web development and design services. Many of the domains below have been around for several years, hence, they are worth more, when appraised. Older domains gain better search results, therefore, selling more product (or ad space) for the business owner. Take this into consideration when viewing the prices.


Tees-Online.com ($285)

Tips: Valued at SitePrice.org for $2,550. Yep. You heard that right.Do you want to sell tees…Online? Grab this up! With a little SEO work, this domain will do exceptionally well in search results. If you already sell tees, you can buy this domain and re-direct the link. Smart thinking…


SocialMediaSatire.com ($50)

Tips: Valued at $634 by SitePrice.org. Great for anyone wanting to run a humor site or sell ad space related to humor/satire content. This domain will do very well in Online searches through SEO. Perfect for written content, video content, and more. The possibilities are endless here: poking fun at Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, apps, YouTube, and so on. If you have a knack for humor, this domain is for you.


Emergent-Literacy.com ($85)

Tips: Valued at $2,041 by SitePrice.org. Great for any teacher, home school educator, or parent who focuses on literacy development. This domain is currently up and is sitting on page one in Google searches when using the term “emergent literacy.” You will not keep our content if you purchase this domain. The content will come down. You are only buying the domain but rest assured – if you work quickly to build your content, this domain will do very well in searches. You can then sell ebooks from the site, educational materials, curriculum, etc.


Tees-for-Less.com ($30)

Tips: Quite self explanatory (wink). Do you want to sell tees… for less? This domain is for you! If you play your cards right, this domain will do well in search results. Valued at $150 by SitePrice.org.


AZChristianity.com ($315)

Tips: Valued by SitePrice.org for $4,150. In other words – the SEO will be great! Can easily be used as a faith platform, local forum, or news site. You could also sell faith-based products from this domain.


AZChristianNews.com ($315)

Tips: Best used as a local news site or forum. This domain was valued by SitePrice.org at $4,150. It will render terrific search results.


OneMessage.net ($545)

Tips: Valued at $5,153 by SitePrice.org. Can be used as a news platform, political domain, faith based domain, anti-bullying site, teaching forum, or anything else related to the idea of “one message.”


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