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venturemom photoTell us about your business and why you started up.

Every mom I talked with had an idea that they wanted to turn into a business.  At the same time, I was meeting so many interesting moms who already had profitable ventures. I saw an opportunity to connect the two groups. I like to write about the path of creating a business venture through each story so readers can see the progression of the mom’s business. I started a weekly newsletter to share with my followers.

I cover the story of a new VentureMom each week in an e-letter, on my blog and on the web site

And I want to help these moms succeed,  so I started the VentureMom Shop that  provides incentives, discounts and bonuses when followers use the e-commerce shop to buy the mom-created products and services that I feature.  With the current economic climate, jobs are hard to find and moms don’t want to hire  a sitter.  I think there are so many opportunities to create your own job and I want to share those ideas and inspire moms everywhere to build their own start-up.

Who is your target demographic?  

Moms and women who have an idea for a business. Moms who left the work force to raise their kids and now want a job but don’t want to work for someone else. Moms who need extra income.    Any entrepreneur looking for ideas and inspiration and a platform to market their product or service.

What services do you offer for small business owners?

Subscribers of the newsletter and followers of the blog hear about new VentureMoms each week and get discounts and bonuses when they shop with these moms in the VentureMom shop. The site is adding two new columns that will be lifestyle content to help followers with fashion advice and decorating advice using the VentureMom items I cover. These are called What Would VentureMom Wear and VentureMom@Home. For the VentureMom who has a product or service, it’s a fantastic platform to reach their audience of clients. I also offer a directory where any small business can list their product or service.

In addition, I offer a free service, Ask VentureMom.  Submit any business question and I’ll write back with my suggestions and ideas to help.

Can you offer business owners 3 marketing tips to help their business grow?

  1. Come up with a great name that tells clients who you are and what you do.
  2. Start a newsletter that offers helpful content to potential clients.
  3. Network with other small business owners face to face and online to get ideas and contacts.

What have you found to be the biggest challenge, when running your own businesses?

The biggest challenge is getting found. This is where social media, networking and press really makes a difference. I’m also pitching a book to reach my audience and I give regular speeches at local venues including entrepreneurial groups and women’s’ groups.

What do you enjoy most about helping other moms in business?

I love to see a small business succeed. I love to hear and share how they got started.  I get great satisfaction when I feature a mom and others say to me they bought her product or used her service and were so happy.

How can others get in touch with you? 

Email me at Send your bio if you want to be considered for a feature.

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