Shira & Friends: When You’re a Kid



We recently reviewed a new CD called Shira & Friends: When You’re a Kid.

Shira (not to be confused with my own name – Shara) was kind enough to mail me a CD to review, a while back. I lost it. I felt awful about that but after we moved into our new place, I found it inside a box! So the story has a happy ending.

We recently had friends over for dinner: Ros (Ficklets), her husband and their daughter. My kids went over to the stereo and turned on the CD. They have become obsessed with track #1. The kids played the song, dancing around in circles, turning it louder…and louder…and louder…just as the song suggests. The grownups had to SCREAM-TALK over the music in order to carry on a conversation.

I told Ros, “This is just another day at my house. Fun, eh?” After 20 minutes, we were laughing so hard…I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

But heck, this is good news for Shira, actually. If her songs are addicting for kids, that’s helpful to parents. We can use the music to keep them entertained at home, at school (for early childhood educators) or inside the car. With a background in early childhood, I always appreciate music for kids that’s articulate and clearly sung so children can understand and memorize the words. Shira’s songs pass the test.

Are you looking for a fun non-candy Valentine’s Day gift idea? I’d highly recommend music! Shira & Friends is sure to please your sweets-loving energy filled kiddos. Rather than going on a sugar high, they’ll spin around on a energy high. Much better!

Then… sleep.


EP Containing 5 Original Songs by Shira & Friends

  • When You’re a Kid
  • Dance, Dance, Dance
  • Doin’ the PJ
  • I Want a Monster
  • While I Dream of You

Price: $6.99

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