School fund-raising idea: Time to get Slimy!

Read below to learn more about the Slimy Bookworm school fund-raising idea for book lovers, teachers and parents alike! Fill out the simple form (the link is below) and you’ll get the ball rolling within 24 hours.

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More than wrist bands, candy, cookies or plastic toys… “Got Books?”

It’s been well documented that kids living in a home with at least 20 books go on to do better in life, regardless of their parent’s socioeconomic standing in the society.


Study: Having books in the home has huge effect on kids’ education levels (Huffington Post)

The more books at home, the higher the child’s education (Education World)

Want smart kids? Here’s what to do. (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

School book fairs provide kids the opportunity to acquire their own books while helping the cash-strapped schools raise money for educational projects. The Slimy Bookworm School Book Fair gives kids access to quality books at a discount.

The book fair is held entirely online virtually eliminating the need for volunteers.

Payout is in cash and not in store credit or books so schools and PTA’s have greater flexibility in how they utilize the funds raised.

Many parents dislike fund-raisers now. How can you help them get excited about it again?

As a parent who has been called to participate in many fundraisers for my kids’ school or their friends’ causes, I share this frustration. It would not feel as bad if I was getting value for the money spent. Silicone wrist bands, candy and cookies are not desirable by most parents. Getting kids quality books is money well spent which reinforces what the school is trying to teach.

Another issue raised by parents is the over-commercialization of school book fairs with the pushing of books based on popular TV characters… just as parents are working hard to limit the TV time of their kids.

How do folks sign up and get this going?

Simple as pie. Fill out this short form and we will get back with you in a hurry.

*If you are a parent, please feel free to mention the Slimy Bookworm fund-raising option to your school or child’s teacher.


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