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Do you need a Reliable blogger? Are YOU, yourself, a Reliable blogger?

Here’s the deal, my friends. Once a week or so, someone writes and asks me: “Who is a good mommy blogger? I need some people to feature my product or run my giveaway. Who can you recommend?” I quickly respond with my own favorites but that list is short (no offense…I simply don’t know all of you bloggers yet!).

In 2009 I sent a note out on twitter saying, “Hey! I need a few good bloggers to review products for Bing Note. Education folks would be great. Not required. Please DM if interested.” Four bloggers answered me and I got their contact info over to Bing Note. Lisa shipped products and info to each one. I then stayed in contact with them to inquire about the postings. Two of them got reviews up right away. Another blogger got her review up in 2010 (after using the products for a while). The third blogger…nothing. We asked three times, “Where is your review?” The last response I received was, “I’ll TELL you when it’s up.” Still nothing. It’s been almost a year now.

With that in mind, I thought…We really should have a “Reliable Bloggers List” for people to check out. I tweeted and posted on Facebook asking people to submit names of bloggers they have worked with – or to submit their own information if they consider themselves a blogger who will respond and follow through.

Further, a friend from twitter (iMallShoppe) suggested that we create a badge for these bloggers to place on their site – saying they have been approved by Mommy Perks as reliable.

Look to your right for the badge. Shoot me an email if you want the badge for your blog. You can link the badge to this page, if wanted, or to the Mommy Perks home page:


Drum roll please………….

First, you might be interested in the She Blogs. They hook bloggers and businesses up: She Blogs

On with the list…

Reliable bloggers and reviewers I have personally worked with or kept an eye on:


Rebecca has referred Bass Giraffe. Her website reads:

I promise to give my honest opinion about ALL products. I will also do my best to promote my review and your products by using sites like Twitter and Facebook. I also am a member of several mommy & blogger communities where I promote all my reviews/giveaways, giving you more exposure.

Lj Thomas shares:

I tried Tara @ Dandy Giveaways and was very pleased. I ran an entire day ad and she blogged about my products, did a great job, I gave away a leopard print diaper bag valued at: $60! The winner loved it and tara uses and posts the winner in this regard.

Jennifer Royal Rogers shares:

Shara, Angie Vinez may already be on your list, but she is awesome. I’ve known her since 2006 and she was with me through the years with MUIB. Her blog is She does a lot of reviews and giveaways, is on the up and up and works with integrity and honesty.

Suzanne shares her referrals (after years of working with reviewers and giveaway blogs):

Kristen @ Mama Bytes
Tenille @ Feisty, Frugal and Fabulous
Courtney @ One Bored Mommy
Andrea @ Moody Mama Says
Chimene @ Just for Jack
Nicole @ Ramblings by Nicole
Danielle @ There’s no snakes in New Zealand

More bloggers who run reviews and/or giveaways:

Krystal: The Clever Mommy Chronicles

I prefer that the business send me a full size item for me to review, and that they send the winner of the giveaway the same item within 2 weeks of the giveaway ending.  I get the review up within a week of receiving the item, unless the review requires that I use it for longer than a week.  I run the giveaway for two weeks, and I use the business’ facebook, twitter, blog, etc. as entries for the giveaway.  I promote the review/giveaway everywhere I can.

Michelle: Italian Mama Chef

My name is Michelle aka the Italian Mama Chef. I make homemade authentic Italian food as often as possible. I would love to use new products to help me in my pasta and Italian food making adventures.

Lane: Kid Critic USA (teen reviewer!) serves up reviews written by 13 year old, Lane Sutton by a kid, for kids and families on movies, books, activities, restaurants, products and more. He runs periodic giveaways on products and writes critiques every 2 weeks.

Amy: Disney 4 Babies

I review baby, toddler, and camera gear, specifically items that are useful when traveling.   At this time, these are appearing in my Mommy Monday piece once or twice a month.  No giveaways yet, but I would love to be able to do that in the future.

Lindsey: Tidbits Parenting

PR FRIENDLY While we’re just getting started, we’re already on the lookout for great new products to try out on our unsuspecting families, honestly review, and give away to our followers. If you have a product you’d like reviewed and/or included in a giveaway, please get in touch directly via the “Contact Us Directly” link (on the blog).

Linda: Frugal Philly Mom

I do reviews and giveaways for anything cost and family friendly. Anything that you or your family can use or do that is a great value coming from a mom who is always on a tight budget. You can find my info below but please let me know if you have any other questions.

Abbey: Living My Moment

Do you have a great product that would love for others to hear about first hand from

Send us a sample of your product and our family (A MoM, A Dad, one spunky 2.5 year old girl, and our rolly polly 7 month old son, oh and our dog) will try it out and write an honest review of your product.Provide us a description of your product and any other rules you might have and we will come up with a great giveaway sure to get people talking about your MoMproduct. We will tweet (daily) and facebook about your contest to give you extra promotion.

Erica: Everything Mom and Baby

A passion for all things organic & eco friendly, I love to cloth diaper my tot,I love baby carriers(love the bonding more), cooking & sharing my favorite recipes for your baby/toddler. This is what Everything Mom and Baby is all about. I buy 98% what you see on my blog unless otherwise stated. I also try to keep things open to commercial brands because well, you love them! You will see the occasional not so eco product for my other readers. When it comes to giveaways, I give away only the best to my readers. Enjoy my blog and thank you for coming by.

Lisa: The Baby Bottom Line

My name is Lisa and I’m the Mom behind The Baby Bottom Line! I do a ton of product testing…anything from toys to bath products and even clothes and accessories. I love product testing….and dishing about them with other Moms. My opinions are open and honest, always.

Annette: Mimi Loves All Eight

Family-friendly product reviews. I’m just starting out but I’d be happy to run a review and/or giveaway for your business. Please contact me for details.

Elizabeth: The Foodie Mommy

I review food and cooking products. I also review food books. I just did a review on Melanie Rehak’s Eating for Beginners and gave away 10 copies of the book. I have also given away a baby food kit and coupons for free Wacky Mac! Feel free to contact me for food-related reviews/giveaways.

Cherise: Mama’s Money Savers

I am a mom first and blogger second.  All of my product reviews are family friendly items or products to make mom’s lives a little easier!  I have reviewed household cleaners, video games, DVDs, toys, beauty and health products, food, books, clothes, events – basically I have reviewed a little of everything.  I do review items that are affordable or if they are a little more expensive than I state some reasons why I think the product is worth it.  I want to save moms money through buying great products that work and are high quality.  I also include any flaws or features that I don’t personally like, but I am very open minded and know that everyone likes products for different reasons.

Jessi: Mama’s Got Flair

My blog is geared towards mothers who want to do more for themselves and pursue their goals in order to not only save their sanity, but reclaim their identities. It’s a cause that’s near and dear to my heart. My ideal reviews and giveaways would before products or services that help or indulge women as women; not moms or wives.

Tree: Mother of Pearl It Is

Coming from a long-time Avon representative, I believe in trying products out for myself before promoting them to my customers….or in this case, my readers. Therefore, you can always count on my honest opinion of your products/services in my reviews. You will also be contacted right away once I have posted the review/giveaway for your verification.

I am a wife and mom first, a mom blogger second, and because of this…I am very choosy about the products that I agree to review.  All of my product reviews are family friendly and may include such things as household furniture and accessories, beauty and health supplies, children’s toys and clothing (2 years old and up), food items, women and men’s clothing, local events, electronics and technology, and household cleaning products.

I prefer hosting a combined Review/Giveaway, as I find that it peaks the interest of my readers’ substantially when they have a chance to win the product I am reviewing. My reviews are normally posted within 7 days of receipt of product, but may take up to 21 days if the product requires a longer time to review. All of my giveaways run for 2 weeks, and a winner will be chosen and contacted at that time. Once I’ve received the winner’s information, I will then forward it to you for shipping.  During the giveaway period, I will promote your company to the fullest using my blog, facebook, twitter, community forums, and so forth.

PLEASE NOTE: In my reviews, I do include any minor flaws and/or issues that I may have had while testing a product, but if I honestly do NOT like a product at all, I will not promote it on my blog.  I would rather contact you with my reasons, and offer to ship the item back to you if necessary.

If you have a product that you believe would do well on Mother of Pearl It Is, please feel free to shoot me an email at and we’ll talk! 😉

Patricia: Littles Rule the Roost

I like to review products that are family friendly – for moms, kids or dads or technology based. We are a family of geeks (my husband works on computers for a living). We have 5 desktops, 2 laptops, 1 netbook, an iPod Touch and a partridge in a pear tree! LOL!!

I am in the process of expanding my online presence by doing featured reviews on another blog, participating in more blog hops and Twitter parties – basically building more of a community.

I am also creating “office hours” so that I can dedicate time everyday to blogging. I would like this “hobby” to become a part time job. I hope to be able to attend at least one blogging conference next year as well!!

Lauren: A mommy in the city

My name is Lauren and my daughter and I just moved to New York City from Tampa, FL after nine months of being away from my husband.  My blog follows our adventures around the city and how we are getting adjusted to city life.  I will review anything toddler or baby , especially baby gear.  I am also willing to review any family friendly product or any products that are great for moms.  I love doing reviews and giveaways on my site.  My reviews are open and honest.

Barb: Diabetic Snaker

My blog is over 2 years old about food, giveaways,reviews and some diabetes, healthy eating tips. I’m also legally blind and a mom to 2 grown boys. I love blogging & working with brands and companies to show my readers all the new innovative  products on the marketplace.

Heather: Family Friendly Frugality

While I have yet to host a giveaway (and I have only done 1 true review of a product I’ve been given to test)…I truly believe I’ve been a reliable blogger from day 1 so far! I’d love to start hosting giveaways, but it’s really hard to get your foot in the door if you have zero track record. If you want to check out my site you’ll see I:

1. post daily
2. post deals for my readers multiple times a day
3. get involved and personal when I review a product

Jacqueline: Writrams

Here’s a little about my review process:

I only review products that I believe in/like. This makes the most trustworthy reviews for my readers. If a supplier sends me a product that I don’t like/don’t find useful, I let them know privately and do not write a scathing review about.

As a small business owner AND a previous brick-and-mortar retail owner, I know the importance of constructive feedback. I don’t think that writing negative reviews about a provided product is constructive. Business owners generally want to hear that input privately.

My review process is simple: I use the product that I’m reviewing myself (or with friends and family depending on the product). I write about the cool features of the product, why people would enjoy it, etc. I also include personal pictures that I’ve taken as well as pictures that the suppliers may have provided.
I will let you know when the review post is up and I’ll send you a link. That way you can put the link on your site as kind of a way of saying, “Here are some of the great things people are saying about us.” (You probably know it’s one of the fastest way to grow your business.)

Have you checked out my Reviews page? You can get a feel for my style on there. The Melissa & Doug toy company just sent a Twitter message thanking me for a fabulous review on their products.

As you can see, I stand behind every single product I review. If it appears on my site, then I believe in it and use it.

If I receive a product I don’t like (although I’m often able to deter this and not accept), I don’t review it. I discuss what I don’t like privately with the company to allow them to use the feedback to improve upon their product or service.

Vanessa: My Heartfelt Home Creations

My blog contains crafts, recipes and other “tidbit” posts “Created from the HEART and for the HOME”.

Do you have a Mom Business? Do you have products that need reviewed?  Do you have a Giveaway that you would like to feature on Heartfelt Home Creations?  I love building the Mom Business Community and sharing about products and about other Mom businesses and blogs with my readers! I enjoy helping promote a business who’s audience includes SAHM’s, WAHM’s, children, and families, and who’s focus is to make home and family life easier, more enjoyable, more meaningful, and more “heartfelt”.  Some examples of these products include everything from home decor, household items, clothing and accessories, … to crafts, children’s toys, and family-friendly activities (the more educational the better!).

Jennifer: Disney Babies Blog

I’m the main writer for a baby/child/family friendly blog.  Always willing to review products that are of interest whether directly related to the blog or not if they might be interesting to readers!  Recent reviews/giveaways have been books and work out gear, but I’m willing to review more/different and branch out to new areas.  I have a 1 year old; guest writers have older children as well!  Love doing giveaways and looking forward to doing more in the future.

There you have it! A pretty decent list if I do say so, myself. Remember – you may wish to run a giveaway with a blog/site owner and then double back a year later to be reviewed/hosted by the same person again. By that time, they will have more readers, a new audience, etc.

PERK of Wisdom: When seeking reviewers or giveaway hosts, don’t assume that just because a blog has huge follower numbers that their readers are loyal buyers of the products they feature. That might be the case, yes, but often times large sites collect followers who want free items – but are not actually interested in supporting the small business any further than that. So…don’t write off a smaller blog if you see smaller numbers. They might just have the valuable ingredient of loyalty in their blog mix – much like Mommy Perks does 😉

Closing Thought:

You can’t always know what’s happening with a blogger and why they answer, don’t answer, take a long time to respond, etc. Some of them are pregnant, nursing or work outside the home and run the blog on weekends. Some of them might be overwhelmed with requests or a bit absent minded – and your review/giveaway gets forgotten (not purposefully). In both business and in life it’s good to remember: Patience is a virtue. Kindness is an asset. Understanding is a prized character trait.

Remember these things in wisdom and use them often 🙂 Off you go now.


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