January 8, 2015

Purchase Produce Online through Melissa’s Produce

Are you struggling to find quality produce at your local supermarket? For our family, it is growing increasingly difficult to secure quality produce at our neighborhood supermarkets. The farmer’s markets run during the summer season but when winter hits, our produce selections are dimming.

We were recently given the opportunity to review Melissa’s Produce: an Online produce company. We received the Organic Family Box, containing 17 pounds of fresh organic produce.


I immediately created a plate of fresh vegetables for the kids to snack on, at the kitchen table.


Later that day, my husband and I prepared two salads using the fresh organic greens from Melissa’s Produce.


A few days later my cousin let me know that my father loves Australian lemon butter. She sent me a recipe so that I could create a batch of lemon butter using our organic lemons from the produce shipment. The simple recipe combined organic lemons, organic sugar, organic butter, and one brown egg. My father later stated that the lemon butter was “absolutely wonderful.” When cooking and baking, the ingredients make all the difference!

Lemon Butter

Use the juice of 2 medium organic lemons

1 ½ oz. organic butter

1 brown egg

Organic sugar to sweeten

Stand the basin in a pot of boiling water. Melt the butter and then add the sugar. Next, add the lemon juice and the brown egg (already beaten). Combine and stir the contents until your mixture is thick and the sugar has dissolved. Stir continually so that the ingredients do not burn (use low to medium heat). Cool and eat on toast.


Melissa’s Produce offers family boxes, corporate gifts, birthday packages, gourmet offerings, and much more. Visit the site today and join Melissa’s Produce on Facebook for updates and seasonal choices.

*Disclaimer: I received a box of organic produce in exchange for my review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.


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