Monkey Monkey Music – Meredith LeVande (review and CD giveaway)

My daugher and husband, doing the hand motions to "This Way, That Way."

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My Review:

In our home, music is a daily staple. We simply can’t live without it. We play songs, DVD musicals and we sing. If there is no music playing, you can be sure our daughter is making up her own songs. All – Day – Long. 🙂

She sings about shapes and animals and numbers and food. Sometimes she has us all laughing until our sides hurt.

Not long ago we had a little “come to Jesus meeting” about the fact that she was bossing me around every day. Shortly after, I heard her singing: “I’m not gonna boss mommy around! I won’t do it again! No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I won’t boss her around any more!”

How nice.

Shortly after that she was singing: “I’m not gonna boss mommy around. But I am gonna boss my daddy. Yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. I think I’ll boss my daddy around!” HAHA.

When we received the Monkey Monkey Music CD for review she immediately said, “Yes! Put that CD on!” We popped it in while driving. She began bopping along to the first song but when song #2 came on, singing about math, she said: “I am NOT doing math right now.” LOL!!

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree on that one.

She does happily sing along to “What are the odds?” now.

This way! That way! She spins around until we're all laughing so hard, we have tears!

Her favorite song on the CD is #4 – “This Way, That Way.” She immediately made up hand motions to this song and when we drive in the car, she will go all out with the motions until she and her younger brother are laughing hysterically.

I love the sound of children laughing uncontrollably. A child’s laughter is medicine for the soul and the Monkey Monkey CD certainly delivers.

We all sing along to each song, including our cool 11-year-old 🙂 All three kids really enjoy the songs that encourage more body motions, including:

  • Shake It Loud
  • This Way, That Way
  • Air Guitar
  • Turn Your Body Around

I would recommend this CD for both the home and the classroom. With a background in Early Childhood I could easily see this CD being used in day care centers, preschools and more.

Final Thought:

We have a few CD’s in our collection that our daughter considers her “must have’s” – the Monkey Monkey What Are The Odds? CD is now one of them.

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