Money Savvy Pig Bank: review and giveaway

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I recently received an email from the folks over at Money Savvy Generation. After agreeing to review the Money Savvy Pig Bank, a blue plastic piggy bank was shipped to my home. I opened the box and had to laugh. My husband wanted to know why I was laughing. I told him: A few months ago I saw this product online. I loved it and went all the way through the steps to order one. Something stopped me. Right before hitting the ‘pay’ button I stopped short. I didn’t know why – just a feeling I had. And now…here we are, getting one for review.”

Hmm… 🙂 I love those moments.

That should tell you, then – even before seeing the product in person, I had already wanted one for my kids. So yes – I love it.

The pig contains four slots:

  • Save
  • Spend
  • Donate
  • Invest

I can still remember (way back when) my folks having one of those plastic bread boxes in our kitchen to collect our change for charity. I do not believe those bread boxes are still around today but the idea of charity is most certainly still alive and well. My husband and I both want to raise our children to be givers.

We also want our kids to learn the importance of investing, of saving and of course…to enjoy the rewards of spending wisely.

This little piggy teaches all four concepts 🙂 Included with each purchase are numerous stickers that indicate what the money is going to be used for. There are also several blank stickers so the child can draw a picture of what he/she is saving for, etc.

Consumers may also wish to learn about the Money Savvy books that can be used along with the Money Savvy Pig Bank: Volume 1 & 2 | Volume 3 & 4.

Okay. You totally know you want one. Go ahead and comment.

**(This would make a great classroom item, too – to teach your students the value of money management!)


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