Mommy Masters CD review (music for early childhood)

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Music is Magical CD: music for early childhood.

We recently received a CD for review, courtesy of Mommy Masters, one of ourĀ “Women to Watch in 2012” list winners. The CD is titled Music is Magical: Children’s Songs with Ellie.

Ellie is a published author, singer, song-writer and a mother to three boys under the age of 5. She founded Mommy Masters in 2010, as a parenting community and support system. A writer for the Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, Ellie plans to expand her line to include parenting and children’s guide books.

The Music is Magical CD explores a variety of musical genres including reggae, pop, country and rap. Various topics are covered in the songs such as manners, potty training, bath time, cleaning up, counting and more.

Have a listen here:

My kids are really enjoying Ellie’s CD. They dance around to the upbeat songs and tell me that the slow songs make them feel sleepy (a good thing, in the evening time!). Fun in the Tub is a happy and catchy tune, easily memorized by listeners. First Day of School would make a great addition to any early childhood classroom. The Daddy song is adorable and the Jump song is perfect for kids or students who need to get those wiggles out.

All parents and teachers will appreciate the Manners song, no doubt. It even includes a line about chewing with our mouths shut (chewing with an open mouth is a pet peeve of mine, so thanks for addressing that one, Ellie).

Purchase the CD to hear each fun song, and enjoy Music is Magical at home or in your classroom today!

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