Little Wrappers Review {One of the most useful baby shower gifts EVER}

hand made blanket

Why buy FOUR products when Little Wrappers offers so many uses?

I love twitter and facebook. They have brought so many wonderful people into my life and the owner (Nathalie) of Little Wrappers is no exception.

Nathalie has been hanging out with the Mommy Perks community for a while now. Her cheerful energy always brightens my day. I don’t have time to pop over to every website that gets promoted through the Mommy Perks channels so when Nathalie asked me to review her Wrapper I was pleased to learn more about her!

Growing up, my mom was a seamstress. She would make our clothing in order to save money on school clothes, church clothes, etc. Nowadays, buying patters is hardly a money saver. In fact, it’s considered a craft and in turn, fabric and patters are high cost items.

How would Wal-mart survive if we all kept making our own clothing, right?

I digress…

The Little Wrappers are made by hand, with love, and it shows. This one product offers so much functionality; it ought to be on every baby shower gift list.

The Little Wrapper can be used:

  1. On a car seat
  2. In the stroller
  3. On a shopping cart
  4. As a nursing cover

Have a look:

In this great big Online world of small business owners, what could be better than buying a useful and well made product from someone nice?

Really…not much.

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*After having reviewed the Little Wrapper I will now send the product to my sister. I asked for Nathalie’s permission to do this. I no longer have babies at home and would like to see someone I love get real use from the terrific product. Thank you, Nathalie!


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