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Tell us about your Kids Music by Marcie business and how you got started.

In the last decade, I established myself as a songwriter in the dance music genre, with top 10 chart positions worldwide. Through this experience, I have had to manage myself, and become proficient at the legal and financial aspects of the music business. Making money from music is very difficult, even with the success that my songs have had. Songwriters are often left struggling to be credited properly in a music industry that is rife with lawlessness.

My educational background is in psychology and theater, and I have always happily worked full time with children in order to pay my bills, while using the rest of my time to write, record, and perform my original songs. Over the years I built up countless ideas for songs for children, and it was finally time to sift through them, and produce them properly.

At this stage of my life, children’s music is the genre I feel most connected with. I learn from children each day. Their energy and purity of emotion inspires my passion for songwriting. My album, “Make A Discovery”, expresses songs that live in my heart in order to connect meaningfully with future generations.

Why did you feel there was a ‘need’ for this business in today’s market?

I view music as a vitally important part of a child’s development. Creatively engaging children encourages independent thinking. Children who learn to trust their instincts, abilities, and ideas develop a sense of safety in their external and internal environments.

What makes your business different from competitors?

There are countless amazingly talented writers and performers of children’s music, and I don’t really consider any of them competitors because we are all working together to help children develop to their fullest potential. My music is characterized by its cross-genre appeal, heartfelt lyrics, storytelling, and at times quirky humor. Listeners of all ages enjoy its focus on finding meaning and fun in our lives at any age.

So far, what marketing efforts have been most effective for you?

I used kickstarter so I could start out with funding to produce a top quality album, alongside experienced musicians and producers. I was fortunate enough to be able to draw on the generosity of fans who know me from the dance music I’ve done, as well as friends, family, and supportive strangers willing to take a risk on me. The security of having some initial funding was truly a gift, as it allowed me the time to focus on developing and implementing ideas that I had been gathering for years. Also, it ensured that I am able to share my songs with children everywhere, and I won’t need to worry about recouping the cost of the album from sales. All 20 songs from my first full children’s album are available for free to the public, and performances and copies of the album have been donated to children’s hospitals, schools, libraries, and more. My collaborators have been generous with their talent and time as well, and without them, I wouldn’t have been able to put such a high quality album together.

What social media platforms do you find most helpful?

My live performances inspire me immensely as I love to interact with my community. As my album is free, and I don’t (yet) have funding to pay for advertising, I really appreciate anyone who spreads the word based on their genuine interest in the album.  Twitter and Blogs have been helpful in this regard.  I’ve had fan mail from around the world, including from a teacher in Indonesia who is using songs from the album to teach English to his students.

What is your greatest challenge in business?

Finding the time to devote to songwriting. I have ideas all the time, but it takes a lot of energy, and a certain focus and mindset to spend hours in the studio writing and polishing songs.

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