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Today we are featuring a larger company, unlike most of our small businesses that we love to put in the “spotlight.” Why are we doing this? Well, because of the customer service. As many of you probably know, infantino recalled a selection of their baby slings some time ago. I had one of those slings. I sent the sling back and the website told me I would receive a replacement. Well, being so busy with Mommy Perks duties I totally forgot all about my sling until a few days ago. I wrote a note asking why I had never receive a replacement sling. I got a note back the next day with an apology, stating that I would not only get a replacement sling but also some free toys as a little “thank you.” (The box just arrived about 15 minutes ago – great toys and our daughter is already playing with them!)

I offered to write this blog review as my own thank you for their quick and polite customer service.

The gal in customer service asked me to go one step further. She requested that our members and moms send us their FEEDBACK on their products – the slings and the toys. They would like to know what YOU think of their products and how they might be able to improve on their concepts.

Visit their site here:

Please don’t think that your note will not make a difference because it will! They want feedback good or bad so please let us know your thoughts in an email. You can send your note to

Any FEEDBACK is welcome!

Thank you!
Mommy Perks Main Office


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