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Human Body Detectives – Activity Workbook and Audio CD: A Heart Pumping Adventure
By Dr. Heather Manley, N.D.

As a previous pre-nursing student I was so excited to receive the Human Body Detective book in the mail.  Everyone in our house loves science!  My children love learning how the body works and by the age of 3 my youngest son could tell everyone how the digestive system worked.

My two son’s (Sean -10 and Aidan – 5) jumped at the chance to explore the book and listen to the audio CD that came with the book.  They both danced to the theme son and told me, “We loved hearing the story with a child’s voice.”  They also thought it was cool that Merrin and Pearl get to go on an adventure in the red sea!

Sean loved reading the jokes on pg. 16: “Laugh Your Heart Out” – and working on how many words can you makes using the letters in THE CIRCULATORY SYSTEM.  Aidan enjoyed coloring the pictures, playing with the stickers, and having his big brother share the jokes!  My daughter is ready to snatch this book from her brothers so she can do some of the activities.

This Heart Pumping Adventure is a great workbook for children.  The book is a benefit to all children from homeschooled, in the classroom, or as a gift to teach your children about their bodies in a fun way.  As a parent it is fun to see children have blast learning about their circulatory system.

*Human Body Detectives recently won a PTPA Award!

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