Flip2BFit fitness game for kids: Interview with the owner and a code for 20% off

Tell us about your games.

fitness game for kidsFlip2BFit and Bakari are fitness driven games, designed to get everyone up, moving, laughing, and having fun with family and friends. This is accomplished as players move around a game board or look for matches, while trying to win, completely forgetting about the fact that they are exercising! I modeled the exercises around the core routines that I use myself when I work out: combinations of Yoga, Cardio, Stretching and Strength. To me, these are the four core groups of exercises that everyone needs in order to maintain the best physical shape possible.

  1. Yoga for the peaceful reminder to connect the mind to the body
  2. Cardio for the heart
  3. Stretching to assure the muscles are loosened up
  4. Strength to help stimulate muscle development which helps boost a metabolism

I believe no exercise routine should ever become stagnant, so by playing a game, the routine is always diverse and changing.

Why did you decide to create your own games?

I wanted to find a way to bring kids back to having fun with fitness and what better way than to take their minds off of the fact that they are exercising? Hence, Flip2BFit and Bakari were born, creating an atmosphere where fitness is achieved without knowing exercise is taking place!

Hearing more and more about Epidemic Obesity and the staggering statistics that are plaguing our youth, I knew something had to be done. I do a great deal of traveling and I see children around the world. Children of all cultures inherently want to have fun! Games get them up and moving, laughing and giggling – while exercising!

I believe that technology has an amazing place within society and that it has made an incredibly positive impact on society as we know it. However… Technology can not replace health and fitness. Children of today need to be reminded and educated on what health and healthy lifestyles are all about. As the founder of Flip2BFit this is my mission: To bring healthy lifestyles and the education of what that means to all children, around the globe.  Through the Flip2BFIt platform of board games, I really want to share my passion of a healthy lifestyle and ensure that children of all ages and economic status have the ability to understand this.

Some people believe that board games are a ‘thing of the past,’ with hand-held devices giving us apps and digital games, etc. What do you say to them?

Board games will never be a thing of the past. People naturally look to share time and laughter – to find a common ground. What better way than to have a family game night?

When the 2008 recession hit, the US statistics showed that the average American family could not afford to take their family to a movie. Board games re-surged as families were looking for a way to bond and spend time together, in a more affordable way. My games help open minds to a new concept of FITNESS combined with a board game!

fitness gameWho can use your games?

Flip2BFit: Fitness in a Box

Bakari: The Memory game

Both games are created for ages 6 and up. Younger children can play when supervised by a parent or guardian as they will need assistance reading the exercises. Our games are made for everyone! They were actually developed and tested with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa and Great Grandma!

How did you take your games from an IDEA to PRODUCTION?

As a professional I spent more than 20 years sourcing factories, so going from concept to production was a natural development for me. With the design expertise of my father, the concept came to life from my head, and then I worked directly with a factory in China to develop and produce the games.

Knowing how important standards are, all games are Eco Friendly wherever possible. I use recycled papers and soy inks. We use rubber plant extracts to coat the cards so that all products respect the earth and are sustainable. I believe that Flip2BFit and Bakari, with their upgrades and levels, are games that will be used for years and years to come.

As a child masters level 1 (which comes with the games), a parent can later order Level 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6!  This assures that the games are never outgrown. Unlike other board games that are played for a year at most, Flip2BFit is a product that will enhance family fun for years and years. Levels 2-6 are currently in the works and Level 2 is set to launch toward the end of 2013.

We are also working on Fact/Fiction Nutrition Cards for Flip2BFit and a new Nutrition Card Game. We hope to offer endless ideas to assure that healthy lifestyles are available to everyone!

Would you like to offer a discount code for game purchasing?

You bet. I will offer a 20% discount. Please use the following links:

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Bakari discount page {ends on November 27, 2012}

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