eFoods Direct Review: storable food

Have you heard of eFoods Direct yet? Do you know the ins and outs of storable food? Read below to learn more.

food storageI may turn down a lot of review requests these days but there’s one thing I almost always say yes to: free food. I’m a sucker for food. I’ve always liked the idea of running a restaurant and I used to work in a bakery. I enjoy feeding those in need, too, (my father ran a homeless shelter for a few years during my youth) so my heart seems to have a deep tie to all things edible.

When I was asked to review eFoods Direct I jumped at the chance. I had heard about storable foods for military outfits but I’d never seen the packaging nor had I eaten the contents. I was skeptical after my package arrived. The small bags didn’t appear to contain much food at all. How good could it possibly be, right?

My husband and I try to feed our family healthy meal options whenever possible. During the winter months we create a lot of home made soups and stews and have come to appreciate great-tasting soup combinations. We love comfort foods. The three meals we were sent to sample were soup products. The downside was the amount of sodium contained in each meal.

The upside:

  • Ease of preparation
  • Easy to store
  • Great taste
  • More food than you assume will be contained in the small packages
  • Affordable
  • 15-25 year shelf life {for emergencies, etc}

We enjoyed the soups so much that we are anxious to try other meals now: pasta and rice dishes, etc. In fact, we plan to purchase the one month supply of food. We live in Northern Arizona and get snowed in for at least a few days each year. One year we were snowed in for a week. If we’d had a supply of eFoods on hand we’d have been far better off! As it turned out, we almost ran out of food that week and were ready to call in help from the local fire department.

Learn more: Why store food? {I love that they mention helping others!}

I was curious, also, if any of the meals were gluten-free. Sure enough, they label any meals that meet this standard. You can visit the eFoods Direct web site to view nutrition information, pricing and available plans.

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