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crafts from bolivia

My daughter, holding up her Ocean puppets story telling bag.

Not long ago I was contacted about reviewing hand made finger puppets courtesy of Crafts from Bolivia.

We received two bags for review:

  1. Ocean
  2. Woods

The following puppet/bag choices are offered on the site:

Ocean | Woods | Jungle

Garden | Farm | Arctic

The puppet sets come with 8 hand made finger puppets and plastic snaps on the front of every knit bag – for story telling purposes.


Background story (from the website):

Bolivia is a landlocked country in southwestern South America and sits astride the Andes Mountains. A large segment of its population is made up of individuals from the Aymara and Quechuan cultures: both indigenous to Bolivia. These cultures believe they are descendants of the Incas. As a result of inter marrying Spaniards (creating a subgroup referred to, pejoratively, as Indians) and illiteracy the descendants of the Incas now fall at the bottom of the social and economic hierarchy. Therefore, preserving their cultural identity through the production of traditional crafts is an important form of self-expression. The crafts we sell reflect the indigenous culture: embroidered cards, bookmarks and small pouches depict traditional lifestyle. Our purses are made from Aguayo – a traditional textile from the Andes.

I was blown away by the intricate details of the hand made puppets:

finger puppets

My favorite puppet is the turtle! My daughter likes the mermaid and octopus best. My son loves all of the puppets and often sleeps with them at night.

finger puppets

My daughter - examining the swan puppet.

finger puppets

My son, showing you his story telling bag - with three finger puppets attached.

crafts from bolivia

Her two favorite puppets!

Use the puppets during class, for story telling or music time:

These wonderful story telling puppets can be used at home, in the classroom, at the library or at any story telling function. The bright, stunning designs will capture the attention of any audience.

Get involved:

Cost: $40 per bag (before tax and shipping)

Find retail locations, selling the finger puppets

Learn more about Crafts from Bolivia

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