Copy-Kids DVD review (encouraging your kids to eat healthy!)

As most parents know, it’s not always easy getting our kids to eat (and WANT) healthy foods. We find ourselves singing silly songs, making choo-choo noises, bribing and even getting upset: “I told you TEN times – no CANDY for dinner!”

After working with kids for 23+ years I know that children will often copy the behaviors of others. Often, sadly, it’s the negative behaviors they most quickly copy, leaving parents donating weeks of time attempting to re-direct (until the next negative behavior takes place of the last one). They will, however, copy positive behaviors also if the behavior is praised effectively enough: “Yay! Look at how well she ate those green peppers. I bet she loved them, too! Eating good foods will help her to feel healthy and strong. She’ll have more energy to play outside!” Much like the Kazdin Method of Parenting we attempt to praise our kids with specific statements, focusing on the positive behaviors we want them to repeat.

My kids really enjoyed the Copy-Kids video and asked to watch it numerous times. My only negative feedback would be about the manners of the children. I have a pet peeve about chewing with an open mouth and find that many parents these days don’t address the issue like parents once did. For now, we simply mute the video and tell our kids that we still have a “chew with your mouth closed” rule in our home. Even if the kiddos in the video don’t have the same rule in their home.

That said, the purpose of the DVD is to encourage kids to COPY the behavior of eating healthy foods. To that end, it worked. My kids said, “Mom – can we please have a pepper now? Like the kids in the video!” We have always encouraged healthy eating in our home so the DVD was a natural fit for us and helped to reinforce the lessons we are already teaching. We happened to have peppers in the fridge so I pulled one out, chopped it up and the kids ate away!

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