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bun_in_the_oven_consignmentBelow is an interview with Christine Bruckmann, owner of Bun In The Oven Consignment.

Tell us about your business and why you began.

In 2010, when I was pregnant with my first child, I attended a Maternity consignment sale close to Whyte avenue. I purchased some great items there, but that was the first and last time I had heard of a sale of its kind. When I was pregnant with my second child I knew of some Facebook consignment businesses that had Maternity but they only had a few items..and nothing my size. There also was nothing focused on Maternity, so one day in October 2012 I told my husband that I was going to start a Maternity consignment business from home. And I did.

At the end of November I ended up asking my friend Jessie to join me because it was getting to be too much work just for me.

How does your consignment process work?

People that are interested in consigning, consign with us for a 4 month period. Consignors receive 60% of what their item(s) sell. We receive 40%. At the end of the 4 months consignors have the choice to pick up their remaining items or we can donate them on their behalf to a charity of their choice within the Edmonton area. We can be contacted through email, phone, Facebook for anyone looking to consign.

Tell us about your great prices

The majority of our items are under $15. There are some winter jackets and a couple pair of designer jeans that are priced higher but the reality is, people shop consignment because they want a good deal… so I wanted to have my prices low enough so that people could have a whole outfit for under $25…. A pair of brand new Maternity jeans cost double or even triple in the shops.

What do you enjoy most about running a business?

I run a business that helps moms-to-be look great without breaking the bank! They have so many other things that need to be purchased/worried about and I like knowing that I can help in some aspects. I also help ladies that no longer need their maternity clothing to make a little bit of extra cash. In doing all of this I have met so many new people and handled a lot of cute clothing.

What 3 tips can you offer others, looking to start a business?

1.    If you are thinking about building a website for your business and have no knowledge of the process (like me) do your research.
2.    Google is a great tool – use it – I was able to find a place to get my logo for $5!!
3.    Great customer service and a positive attitude is key!

How do you market and promote?

We currently post ads on Kijiji in the Maternity sections (throughout Canada because we offer shipping), online newspapers, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. On Facebook we have approached several other Facebook based businesses/consignment businesses and suggested that we plug each others businesses, and most recently we are offering a contest through Mommy Connections West & North where people who tag us in their status will be entered in a draw to win $20 for Bun in the Oven.

We also have made up flyers which have been posted at Sobeys, Safeway, and ABC family country restaurant.

Any final thoughts?

Thank you for taking the time to have a business feature section like this and also for taking the time to read my answers ! It is very much appreciated!


*This interview was a part of our Free Business Features campaign. No compensation was received.


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