Bari Koral: family rock band | CD review and giveaway

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The New York post called her the “Sheryl Crow for kids.” LA Parent said, “Bari Koral holds a natural affinity to making music that appeals to the young and the not-so-young.”

My Review

Let’s put it this way: If and when I ever teach preschool, or return to working in early childhood settings, this will be one of my go-to CD’s. The songs are simple, articulate, clear, upbeat and my children had no trouble hearing and memorizing each one. Those of us in early childhood know that ‘mastery’ is a top goal. We want kids to hear, understand and master concepts so they can move on to more detailed learning. This CD allows for such learning to take place. The songs are paced perfectly for little ears and developing brains.

Personal Story

Our daughter (possibly a future Psychologist) has deemed this CD the “happy maker.” Every time someone in our family gets upset or raises our voice she says: “Mom – we need to put on my CD now. It will make us all happy. Okay? Please go and put it on.” So we do. Within minutes we are all dancing, clapping, spinning around and laughing until we have tears in our eyes. Our daughter says, “See? We are all happy again now.”

My four-year-old figured out that Bali’s music is a free therapy session 🙂

$10.99 for this CD? A steal, I tell you. A STEAL. Go buy it.

Bari Koral: family rock band

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