February 15, 2012

Bari Koral Family Rock Band: Anna and the Cupcakes

The newly released Bari Koral CD is now available for purchase. In January of 2011 I reviewed Bari’s CD Rock and roll garden. My kids continue to ask for that CD each week. It remains a family favorite! My daughter has memorized every song and feels a huge sense of pride knowing that she can sing along to each one: clearly and precisely. That’s important for kiddos… they want to master each learning stage!

Bari’s clear and articulate voice rings through with each song in the new CD, as well. I have a few friends who tell me, “I can’t handle kid music. It’s just too annoying. So we don’t allow our kids to listen to it.” With a background in early childhood I cannot relate to this. Our home is filled with all kinds of music for both children and adults. When I watch my kids dancing and spinning around a room, enjoying a children’s CD it makes me happy. They learn so much! From the abc’s and 123’s to animal sounds, songs about nature and the earth, songs about kindness and friendship, colors, the ocean and so much more… I can’t imagine NOT giving them music to enjoy.

My daughter’s Preschool class often teaches them through song and the kids memorize the concepts quickly and easily. Music works! Our brains relate to music and associate feelings and memories even years after a song has dropped from the charts. Children are no different – their brains relate to music on levels that science has yet to fully understand.

Nonetheless, music moves us. It moves kids. It moves students. It moves the world.

There are a few artists that top my list for effective and fun kid’s music. Bari Koral is on my list.

Here’s a song from the new CD. Have a listen:

Here’s a song from the Rock and roll garden CD. My kids still LOVE this song:

Awards and mentions:

“The “IT girl” in kids/family music” – New York Magazine

2010 NAPPA Gold Award and Parents’ Choice Silver Award Winner

Time Out Kids top ten album of Twenty-Ten

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