Back-to-school music review variety pack! {6 pack CD giveaway – enter soon}

It’s a back-to-school music review variety pack!

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Our family recently reviewed the following CD’s (and one DVD):

kid poetryBack to the Garden CD

My thoughts: “The World’s Most Beloved Poetry Transformed Into Beautiful Acoustic Songs.” This mellow CD is soothing and calming to the soul. When I listened to these songs my first thought was: “Intelligent verse and prose, helping to build language skills and vocabulary through clear articulation.”

The songs are clean, clear and well spoken – a KEY factor in effective children’s music. After all, what they hear is what they repeat. If they are hearing words, articulately spoken, they will repeat the words as such.

I really enjoyed track #2 (the swing), about the joys of childhood swinging. I also loved track #5 (autumn fires) with a Celtic feel and track #6 (picture books in winter) – I’m always a sucker for beautiful winter/holiday songs.

music for kidsColonel Purple Turtle CD

My thoughts: My kids really love tracks #1 (Colonel Purple Turtle) and #8 (How do you do?). They think #1 is hilarious, talking about a turtle who has no hair, glasses (like their brother), a wig and a hat.

Our nanny moved in a few months back and we’ve joked a lot about our small town: how can she meet new friends her own age around here?

When I heard track #8 I laughed out loud. Ah, hah! Is that all it takes? “How do-oooooo ya do?… I was gonna buy me a soda and I’d sure like to treat ya!”

I came home and popped the song in and told our nanny, “Here is the advice you need!” LOL. She and the kids now LOVE this track, also.

kid musicMaking Silly Faces…In the Nick of Time CD

My thoughts: Looking for good ol’ family-friendly tunes? You’ve met your match here. Songs about waking up too early (something my kids know ALL ABOUT), making silly faces that don’t actually “stick”, dancing, pirates (with some funny and silly cliches), a Spanish ditty, trying new foods (clever lines!), a techno tune, an eco-friendly song, a track about patience and more.

I really enjoyed track #13 – all about the joys of music . Music is such a wonderful gift and it modifies our brain chemistry – both good and bad.

We can pop in a song that brings us to tears or we can slap on a tune that keeps us laughing for ten minutes and beyond. I love music and all that it offers our world, brains and hearts!

kids musicRecess Music Wild Child CD

My thoughts: This CD would be a great addition to any “earth day” or “animal” curriculum at home or school. The soothing songs encourage a deep respect for the earth and animal life. Many of the songs would be terrific for use during Circle Time in Preschool.

Track #2 (Serengeti) was one of my favorite tracks. The upbeat and catchy tune had me bopping along, wanting to hear more.

Track #4 (Sunrise in the Jungle) reminded me a bit of an old Enya song 🙂 Track #8 took me back to my high school days when I had a little ‘thang’ going with Reggea music.

More CD titles in the Celebrate Earth Music Series: Celebrate Earth, Growing Veggie Soup and Ocean Motion.

music for kidsBen Rudnick – Live in Lexington: Under the Copper Beech

My thoughts: This is the third CD of Ben’s that I have reviewed. I love Ben’s music. A while back I reviewed both the Christmas CD and A Frog Named Sam. The new CD has now been added to my “Ben groupie” pile. I really liked track #1 (I like silver, I like gold) and would highly recommend using this song alongside a color lesson plan in Preschool.

I adored track #8 (Mama Don’t ‘Low) – funny!, track #13 (Hey Good Look’n) and track #14 (Walk of Life) – this took me back to my own youth! Track #22 (Oh Boy!) is an old favorite, also.

This CD is chock full of oldies and as I sometimes mention in my blog posts, I’m pretty sure that inside…I’m about 50. Not mid-30’s. Track #23 (I need a hand) is wonderful for kids and would be a great addition to any early childhood classroom.

The Dirty Sock Funtime Band: Sock-A-Delic (CD) and The Dirty Sock Funtime Band (DVD)

My thoughts: If you are seeking a high energy, go-go-go CD, this is the one for you. Pop this baby in, dance around, jump until you’re silly, giggle and spin…until you can spin no more. Want even more energy? Grab the DVD, too, so you can watch this band in action!

Jump, jump, jump. Sing, sing, sing. Go, go, go! CD’s like this one can be a mom’s best friend: tire your kids out so they’ll be good and ready for a NAP! 🙂


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