ABC Creative Learning: Interview (Get to know Victoria!)


I LOVE these crayon holders. I just wish my kids would stop breaking crayons, so I could buy one!

Victoria is a new Mommy Perks Partner. She owns a business called ABC Creative Learning. Read below and get to know her. If you see a great networking opportunity here, be sure to contact her and chit-chat!

Tell us about your business

ABC Creative Learning is an online Educational Toy Store,  carrying high quality educational learning toys, arts & crafts, and eco-friendly toys.  We believe that learning should be fun and children should be be allowed to express themselves creatively through play.  We encourage our customers to email us with any questions about our products or if they simply need help choosing an age or developmental appropriate toy.  At ABC Creative Learning our goals are very simple , to carry high quality educational toys at reasonable prices, while providing great customer service!

What prompted you to start up?

On my first year as a Pre-Kindergarten lead teacher at a private school I realized how hard is was for parents and other teachers to find educational toys.  So, my husband actually encouraged me to research different educational companies who carried materials that I personally would like to purchase for my classroom.  I then realized how expensive high quality toys could be, so with his encouragement I decided to start up ABC Creative Learning.  My goal from the start was to find the best educational toys available and sell them at a reasonable price.  I first started carrying mainly teacher supplies, which I sold to all of my fellow colleagues.  Then I realized that some parents really didn’t know where to purchase or how to use some of these educational materials, so my goal became to help parents, caregivers, and nannies find the perfect age and developmental appropriate educational toy.  I encourage my customers to email me personally before purchasing an item if they have any questions.  I prefer for them to receive exactly what they were looking for, rather than spending money on something that their child is not able to use because of age or developmental readiness.

What has been your greatest small business challenge?

I believe that my greatest small business challenge has been bringing customers to my website.  As a small business, people sometimes tend to overlook you and go with a bigger well known business, especially with online businesses.  There are so many other great businesses online to choose from.  All I can say is that we always make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase!

What’s your favorite aspect about running an Online business from home?

My favorite part about running an online business from my home is being able to spend time with my family.  I have a supportive husband, a beautiful 19 month old daughter (who has severe food allergies), a Golden Retriever and a Yorkshire Terrier.  They are my life and by running my business from home I am able to care for them and be with them every day.  My family is the most important part of me!

Any advice for new start-ups?

I have to say that running my own business has been one of the most difficult journeys I have taken in my life, but it has also been fun!  All I can say is, that if you have a product that you believe in, then don’t let others tell you otherwise.  Do your research when it comes to your consumers and selling the product.  Find something that sets you apart from others and most importantly enjoy the ride!

Would you like to offer a discount to readers?

Yes, use code “MOMMYPERKS” at checkout and receive 20% off your entire purchase.


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