June 8, 2017

Beverly Holman Steampunk Art


What is Steampunk and Assemblage Art? Beverly Holman, of Beverly Holman Art, explains.

“First you find something that might otherwise be thrown away – like old binoculars or pieces from a child’s game. Next you add an element of technology like gears from an old train. Sprinkle with a healthy dose of artistic design and soon, you’ll have a piece of Steampunk or Assemblage Art! Each new project begins with a main item like a pair of opera glasses. I then plan the structure: either a handmade wooden base or a metal base. Sometimes these bases are from junked lamps, clocks, or broken musical instruments. I don’t think of these items as trash but rather as a path to something whimsical and fun for someone to appreciate from their childhood: a game they played or an item they had in their home or school. I love to look for these things on our vacations, outings, or while visiting friends and family. I have a lot of friends who donate items they no longer want to my art work collection.”

Beverly is a resident of Hermosa Beach, California. She grew up in Chicago and was a budding artist prior to her teen years. However, making a living as an artist wasn’t a viable option for Beverly and so she began a career in finance. Enjoying a second career now, Beverly has returned to the world of art! Beverly shares:

“I never really thought of myself as an artist. I simply wanted to have fun putting some interesting items together. I have always loved assemblage art, although, I didn’t know it had a name. I have many friends who are artists and we are always looking for something we can put together using new techniques. A lot of times we fail but we always try and try again.”

Beverly Holman Art can be found in numerous California locations including:

*Locations are subject to change

T.L. Gurley Antiques | 512 S Fair Oaks Avenue | Pasadena, CA | 626-432-4811

Studios on the Park | 1130 Pine Street | Paso Robles, CA | 805-238-9800

The Mart Collective | 1600 Lincoln Boulevard | Venice, CA | 310-450-5142 (showcase #79)

Country Roads | Located in Old Towne | Orange, CA | 714-532-3041

Fringe | 1806 So. Catalina Ave. Redondo Beach, CA | 310-316-9100

Fringe | 3516 Highland Ave. Manhattan Beach, CA | 310-316-9100

Stars Antique Boutique | Located in Hermosa Beach, CA | 310-686-0841

Vineyard Antique Mall | Located in Paso Robles, CA | 805-237-4012

YaYa’s Boutique | El Segundo, CA | 310-615-1928

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