June 27, 2013

Farmer’s Market Feast and The Psychology of Color

Farmer’s Market Feast and The Psychology of Color

In a recent post, Andreea Ayers shared an infographic about The Psychology of Color. Photographers and chefs have long understood the psychology of color. When I pondered attending culinary school one of my draws was the color: food is full of vibrant color potential!

We recently attended a Farmer’s Market in Mesa Arizona. We purchased several goodies and returned home to eat our Farmer’s Market Feast. My kids enjoyed helping me wash the produce in a mixture of water and vinegar.


My husband cooked the vegetables on the stove using organic vegetable broth. He created a mixture of cauliflower and organic carrots inside one of our Peacock Pottery dishes (more color!). Be sure to stop by Leah’s blog to find all kinds of colorful recipes.


*The organic vegetable broth was purchased at Sprouts.


*No compensation was received for this post.


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