June 23, 2013

Coconut and Sesame Stick Salmon with Garlic Eggplant

Coconut and Sesame Stick Salmon with Fried Egg Plant

I’ve long enjoyed cooking and baking and as mentioned in a previous post, I once worked for Safeway in the bakery (and Albertsons, too, for that matter). You can view the post here: Sweet Home Made Salsa

Today, I do my best to cook and bake with organic ingredients and fresh foods. My husband and I take turns cooking and I’ve been teaching my 14-year-old son to bake. In the future, I’ll likely share some of my son’s baking results on the blog, making this a family affair.

On with the recipes…


Last week I purchased a piece of salmon for dinner. I wanted to make a coating for the salmon so I pulled the following ingredients out:

  • One organic egg
  • Raw honey from the local farmer’s market
  • Fresh coconut, grated from the shell
  • Sesame Honey Sticks from the Natural Market

I rolled the salmon in the beaten egg. I then poured raw honey on top. I placed the sesame sticks inside a plastic baggie and crushed them with the end of a glass cup. I combined the coconut with the sesame sticks and poured the topping all over the salmon.

My husband loves pancakes. For many years now I’ve heard, “Can we have pancakes on Saturday? I love pancakes.” After eating this salmon he told me, “I’d take your salmon over pancakes any day.” I realize he was joking but the salmon really was terrific!

Note: Here are four helpful tips from HealthyChild.org: 1.) Trim the fatty areas and dark meat prior to cooking. This is where the mercury and PCB’s are stored. 2.) Remove/puncture the skin prior to cooking, so any additional fat can drain off during cooking. 3.) Cook fish on a rack so the fat can drain off while cooking. 4.) Avoid frying fatty fish (i.e. salmon & bluefish). [Source: Easy Steps to Eating Healthy & Safe Foods, 2013]

Garlic Eggplant


I’m not a fan of eggplant but I’ve been reading up about the American diet. Most of us are lacking in purple foods and need to add more natural purple products into our diet. One easy way to get purple into the diet is through eggplant (along with blueberries or grapes). You can learn more about the health benefits here: Why eat eggplant?

Rick and I decided to put our eggplant prejudices aside and give the purple vegetable another try. I sliced the eggplant into thin circles and cooked the pieces in organic extra virgin olive oil (Kirkland brand – very affordable). I added fresh garlic to the mix.

I learned, through this experiment, why so many people add eggplant to larger dishes (like lasagna) rather than eating the purple vegetable as a stand-alone dish.

At any rate, if you consider health benefits to be of more value than taste, this is certainly worth a try.



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