April 24, 2013

Your Child’s Behavior is a Foreign Language: Become a Behavior Detective and Translate It! (Topic: SCARED)

By Ava Parnass, Author, Songwriter and Child Psychotherapist

This week’s topic: SCARED

Become a Behavior Detective and Translate SCARED

“I’m scared!”

So often when walking down the street I hear parents say things to their kids like: “Don’t be scared!” or “Why are you scared? That is just a little puppy!”


Here are more helpful ways to acknowledge your child’s fear so they can overcome it, instead of dismissing their feelings:

1. “That’s a hard feeling to have!”
2. “Let me help you be brave even though you are scared.”
3. “Let’s figure out what is scaring you. Here are some choices: _______. What feels right?”
4. “Have you heard or seen something scary on TV?”
5. “Pretend to be the bad person – scare me!”
6. “I will keep you safe.”
7. “How would you like to solve the problem? Maybe we can solve it together!”
8. “Even though it scares you when I leave and that’s not easy, keep in mind – I always come back because I love you. I know it can be  scary sometimes.”

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Become a behavior detective

About the Author:

Ava Parnass, a.k.a. “The Kid Whisperer,” is an author, songwriter and child therapist. To find out more about how to become a Behavior and Feelings Detective, use the Feeling Map Town and books My Feelings Are Hungry and Listen To Me Please. Visit Listen To Me Please for details.

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