Become a Behavior Detective: Here are 10 things you can say to translate your child’s behavior

magnifying_glassBecome a Behavior Detective: Here are 10 things you can say  to translate your child’s behavior

By Ava Parnass

Say to your child:

1: Your mood or behavior is telling me you have something on your mind!

2: I know it’s hard  to talk about how we  feel but you won’t get in trouble for telling the truth.

3: I think it’s a good thing for this family to learn to understand hidden feelings under our behavior.

4: Do you think I need to listen better so you can talk to me?

5: Do I seem too busy or distracted?

6: How can I become a better listener?

7: I will just say “I’m sorry that happened” or “Sorry your feelings were hurt.”

8:  I will not say, “That’s not true.” So remember – you can tell me things and trust me to understand.

9: Let’s play a game and draw or sing about how we feel.

10: The book “Listen To Me Please” has conversation starters we can use to help us put our behavior into feelings words.

New book coming soon: Time-In not Time-Out with Dr. Lynne Kenney, Wendy Young  and Ava Parnass




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