February 24, 2012

Baby Sophia at 30 weeks… video clip (super cool!)

My 5-year-old daughter asks me every single day: “How big is my sister now, mom?” I show her with my hands and with a ruler but today I showed her this video:

Super cool, eh? And… no wonder I can hardly breathe these days! Sophia is taking up all of my frig’n space. I was reading a pamphlet the other day about the fact that she can now hear, see and cry inside me. This is my fourth child but I continue to be amazed by the entire process, growth/development of the baby, the crazy kick-boxing that’s going on inside me and the idea that Sophia can hear, feel and see… all from her “inside home.”

Amazing stuff!

I love the ehd.org site – stop by and check it out! Where science meets mother…


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