December 13, 2016

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Family Dentist

Via Willow Tree Dental Most people start the process of going to the dentist as early as their toddler years. Although your dentist should be part of your dental insurance providers, they should also adopt similar healthcare philosophies. You also want both children and adults to feel comfortable with the facility. The following are six tips that will help in your search.

Stellar Reviews

While you may provide healthy lunches and snacks for your children and family, for some, cavities are inevitable. Regular dental checkups can also prevent oral health problems. If you’re in search of a family dentist, you want to do your homework. Social media and review sites on the Internet can aid in finding a dentist with stellar reviews. Here you’ll find information about the dentist’s methods, costs and chairside manner.

Wide Range of Services

If you have both children and adults, you want to locate a dentist for the whole family. The dental facility should be able to service your children who have less experience with seeing a dentist. Through their methods and techniques the dentist will be able to calm your child’s nerves and properly treat them. They should also offer a wide range of services for adults that include oral cancer screenings, comprehensive exams, x-rays, emergency care, sports guards, tooth extractions and more.

Close to Home

Whether you need to schedule regular checkups, emergency care or ongoing dental treatments, you want to find a dental facility that is close to your home. This allows you the chance to get to your dental practice quickly in case of an emergency. Their hours of operation are also important, as you may need to schedule family treatments after school, during the evening or on weekends.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Each of your family members will have specific dental criteria over the years. Whether its braces, dental implants, tooth extractions, mouth guards or cleanings, you want to ensure that the dental practice has a family-friendly atmosphere. Going to the dentist can be frightening, especially for children. Look for a facility that goes above and beyond to make their patients feel comfortable with televisions, headphones, colorful wall murals, and relaxing chairs. The staff should also be warm and inviting the moment you enter the office.

Interview the Dentist

When you’re looking for a job, the prospective employer typically has a list of questions to ask applicants. The same formula can be adopted for when you’re searching for the perfect family dentist. You can start over the phone and get a feel for the establishment. If you like what you hear, ask if the family can have a tour of the facility. When you meet in person, you’ll be able to determine if everyone feels comfortable. This is also the ideal time to check their years of experience, number of staff members, and the type of dentistry the facility performs. Have a list of any other important questions you wish to be answered. Because dentists are held responsible by the state board of dentistry, you want to ensure that they have the proper credentials. You should also check to see if they have any serious claims brought against the dental practice and staff members.

Utilizes the Latest Technology

Dental advances have evolved over the years to help in alleviating pain. There are new procedures available to treat problems such as cavities, dental extractions, dental implants and teeth cleaning. Before you schedule your appointment, you need to determine if they use quality materials, and the latest technology to treat dental problems.

A lot of thought and effort goes into choosing a home that fits your family’s lifestyle. Because you want your family to practice good oral hygiene and visit the dental office regularly, the same serious consideration should also be used when you’re choosing a family dentist.

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