December 28, 2015

5 iPhone Monitoring Apps for Parents and Caregivers


Everything is digitalized these days – even parenting. As kids get more connected, parents should as well. Parents need to be actively involved in their children’s digital lives in order to monitor cyber-bulling situations, inappropriate communications with peer or adults, and so on. Below, we have listed 5 iPhone monitoring apps that we consider worth your attention.

1. Life360

This is a really cool app that the entire family can use to stay connected. It puts all members of the family on a single interface and answers the question, “Where are you?” by placing everyone’s location on a map. This means that parents can quite literally see on the map exactly where their child is located. Conversely, the kids can see where the parents are at any time of the day as well. This is especially helpful when parents have to pick their kids up from school. Instead of getting anxious, both parties can see where the other is, smoothing out the day’s activities for the whole family.

2. Xnspy

This monitoring app for iPhone does the GPS thing for parents, but it also has about 30 additional features. Parents install this app onto the child’s iPhone or iPad. Then, they are able to remotely keep an eye on everything that happens on the child’s device. In addition to the physical location, they are able to read the kid’s WhatApp chats, their Skype call logs, their Viber and Kik messages, and their emails. They are also able to record their calls, view their visited websites and much more.

3. Lassy Project

The Lassy Project is an app that helps find missing children. While the first two apps take preventative measures—in other words: you take precautionary steps to make sure your child doesn’t go missing—this app can assist parents if they did not take previous precautionary measures. If your child ever goes missing, this app will help you notify the entire town so that a network is created and the child is found quickly.

4. Family Tracker

Family tracker is another app that lets you track your child’s iPhone and iPads. You are able to view the physical location of the children and read the text messages sent and received on the device. In addition, this app will help you find your phone if it ever gets stolen or lost, so it is pretty versatile in its offerings.

5. The Phone Sheriff

The Phone Sheriff is an app for parents that helps in monitoring and filtering content on the child’s phone. If you see something you don’t like, you can simply filter it from the child’s phone. This can be inappropriate videos or photos or swear words. It keeps the parents in the know.

We feel that these are the best iPhone monitoring apps for parents, thus far. If you know of something better, let us know in the comment section!

Written by guest author Stuart Diver


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