August 14, 2015

Brave Beginnings: Helping Premature Babies Survive and Thrive


Brave Beginnings is currently running a life-saving initiative*, helping families around the country. As a parent, you know how crucial early care is to a newborn child. However, each year, more than 450,000 babies are born too soon, often without access to the most up to date neonatal care. We’re hoping to rewrite that story. On behalf of Brave Beginnings – a newly renamed program of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation – we invite you to join us in our mission to help premature babies survive and thrive.

It may be surprising to hear, but the U.S. is ranked 6th of the top ten countries with the highest number of premature births. While many communities across the U.S. have good hospitals, not all have the state of the art equipment to care for fragile premature births. The Brave Beginnings program hopes to change that by ensuring ventilators and life-saving neonatal equipment are always available for newborns in critical need. At birth, preemies are at a greater risk for both short and long-term health complications than full term infants. Having access to the right medical equipment for neonatal care is vital. Brave Beginnings is the neonatal grant program of the Will Rogers Motion Picture Pioneers Foundation, established in memory of humanitarian and entertainer Will Rogers. Since 2006, the program (formerly the Will Rogers Neonatal Program) has provided life-saving equipment to hospitals across the country.

Now, we’re hoping that you can become apart of the effort! Together, we can ensure every preemie has the care they need to grow.

The following PSA features actress Zoe Saldana, who was named the 2015 Theatrical Fundraising Spokesperson for the program. In keeping with the Will Rogers tradition of spreading awareness at the movies, the PSA will appear before movies in theaters nationwide this summer: Helping Preemies Thrive

For more information please visit and check out the powerful personal stories of hope from little ones who have benefited from the program.

*No compensation was received for the sharing of this material.


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