Bing Teacher Appreciation: Leave a comment about a teacher (and read my story)

Save the teachers! 🙂 Don't forget to read my story, too. It's quite heartwarming. Really.

When I first saw the email come through regarding Bing Education, my initial thought was, “Oh! Bing Note is doing something for teachers – great! I can’t wait to find out what it is!”

I had to read through the email a bit before realizing…no…this is for Bing – as in the Bing search engine 🙂

According to the note I received from Mom Central:

Bing is encouraging students and parents to recognize teachers who have made a difference in their lives through a new philanthropic campaign focused on supporting kids’ education. Bing has committed to a gift of up to $500,000 and teamed up with to provide both kids and adults with a way to express their thanks to a teacher and help another teacher or school in the process.

At the end of June, Bing will award the teachers with a congratulatory note. So, be sure to leave a comment on the Bing Education site, sharing your thoughts about a teacher who impacted your life.

My Story:

I left a comment, myself, about a teacher of mine from high school. He was always an encouragement to me and understood that I disliked school (hard to believe, I know). He accepted my silly sense of humor and instead of punishing me each day for running late (I was daydreaming about fishing or talking to boys, I’m sure) he came up with a special idea. Every day when I ran late for class, I’d have to get up in front of everyone and sing, “I’m a little teapot” – hand motions and all. I had my routine down by the end of year, that’s for sure. Furthermore, even though I had a wardrobe style that only a mother could love (oh, yeah) he voted for me as “Best Dressed.” I still laugh about that all these years later.

While attending a DECA conference in Idaho one weekend, he asked me to dance. I still have the photograph of the two of us, spinning and laughing on the dance floor. He knew I needed a self esteem boost and he decided to take the time to offer it.

He’s one of the reasons I decided to become a teacher myself. Although I haven’t finished my degree yet, I still think of him often and wonder how he is. I stopped in to see him once, a few years after graduating. He was still his jolly, happy self. There’s something very comforting about teachers who stay in the field for years and years, isn’t there? Like an old friend that you know will always be the same – yesterday, today and always.

Teachers Need Our Help:

With so many teacher cuts taking place around the nation now, I have no doubt that the ones who would have retired, doing what they were born to do, will be heartbroken to find…their desks, books and curriculum are no longer safe. Their careers are no longer secure. The students like me, who need their attention and time, will no longer have it.

That said, please take a moment to send a note to your Representatives: National Education Association. Just fill in your zip code and off you go 🙂 The last thing we need are classrooms stocked with 60+ children, one teacher and no aids. While I realize that some folks are heavy supporters of home schooling and private school, the majority of children attend public schools because they are accessible and free. And…because the alternative for many would be low-end daycare, being left home alone or left to wander the streets while the parents are working. I don’t want that and I hope you don’t, either.

When we compare our nation to other nations, we are already behind in factual knowledge, literacy concepts and mathematics. The idea that we would continue to decline by cutting art, music, theatre and foreign language courses is simply beyond comprehension.

There are numerous government expenditures that could be cut in our nation. Education should not be one of them.


*I received no compensation of any kind for this post.

*Bing Note wrote a follow-up post on their blog for Teacher Appreciation. Read that here: Bing Education: Teacher Appreciation


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