Super Wikki Stix: review and giveaway (get your craft on!)

Comment below to enter for a pack of Super Wikki Stix. One winner will be selected from after May 3, 2011.

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Comment below to enter for the Super Wikki Stix!

Last year I purchased a pack of Wikki Stix for my kids to use, after someone posted about the product on my fan page.

My kids had a great time putting the Stix together and creating simple shapes and images. A few weeks ago, Wikki Stix mailed me a package of Super Wikki Stix for review. My post office gal now knows that I get really cool products in the mail for review and I often share the arrivals with her. She has a three-year-old son and now and again I pass the products her way to test them out for me and offer feedback. When she saw the large box she said, “Hmm. What did you get today? Let’s find out!” LOL. So we opened it together and I shared half of the Wikki Stix with her.

She took them home and let her son play with the Stix. I asked her what they thought of the product and she replied, “Well, he loved them and took them to school – to show his class. He told me that they can’t go on the floor, though, because they collect dog hair.” 🙂 I said, “You do need to keep them up on the table; that’s true!”

Wikki Stix are sticky – in order to be manipulated, bent, shaped and reused.

This product is terrific for at-home use, preschool use, arts and crafts classes and more. Young children can create simple shapes while older children can create detailed animals, shapes, people and cards.

*Comment below to enter for a pack of Super Wikki Stix!


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