October 15, 2015

#PoiseLinerLove Twitter Party and Giveaway (October 22, 2015)

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If you are a mother you likely know and understand the issues surrounding Light Bladder Leakage. During and after pregnancy most of us have struggled with this less-than-desirable annoyance. While pregnant, the baby pushes on the bladder making nearly all positions uncomfortable. For me, driving was difficult, especially by child #4. While pregnant with our 4th Mini Human, my eldest son would spend the weekends with his father, and at that time we lived in the mountains. Each weekend I would drive him 45 minutes down the mountain to meet up with his father and then I would drive 45 minutes home. I would repeat this trip each Sunday evening. It was a rather torturous drive because our one-and-only local Rest Stop closed down. Nonetheless I enjoyed that quiet time with my son and it became a bonding experience (something I wasn’t willing to give up, bladder torture and all).

Following birth, most of our bladders have undergone a bit of torment and those changes are never reversed. It’s one of the many sacrifices we make in order to create a family, eh?

While we cannot ‘fix’ our bladder situation while pregnant (because the baby tends to camp there), there’s a helpful solution for the post-baby Light Bladder Leakage dilemma. Unlike period pads, Poise Liners are specifically designed for Light Bladder Leakage (LBL).

While living in the mountains, as mentioned above, my husband’s mother came to live with us. She had been diagnosed with cancer and we did not want her spending her last days in a state facility. We brought her up to our little cabin in the woods and she spent her final 8 weeks with us. During that time I went to Walmart in order to purchase pads for her: because she was struggling with bladder leakage while in the hospice bed. I had never purchased pads for leakage before and I stood in the isle feeling a bit overwhelmed: “What should I buy?” A young male employee came over and asked me, “Are you finding everything today?” He was about the age of 16. I looked at him with eyebrows raised and said, “Um. I need some pads for bladder leakage but I’m only seeing period pads here. Where can I find pads for bladder leakage?” He turned red in the face and replied, “I’m going to pretend that I didn’t ask you anything and walk away now.” He was so embarrassed! I laugh about that moment to this day. I wish I had known about Poise Liners at that time: it would have been helpful in my search. In addition, I was unaware that the bladder leakage isle is next to the period isle. The products are not sold on the same isle. No wonder I was lost!

Read below for details about an upcoming twitter party and giveaway, courtesy of Poise. I hope you can join us!


Twitter Party and Giveaway

WHAT: #PoiseLinerLove Twitter Party and giveaway

WHERE: On Twitter, hashtag #PoiseLinerLove

WHEN: Thursday, October 22nd

TIME: 8:00PM CST (1 hour)


ONE winner will receive a Walmart “Ultimate organization” pack ($250)

TWO winners will receive a $100 Walmart Gift card

THREE winners will receive a gift basket full of Kimberly Clark®  essentials ($100)

*Must be 18+, US addresses only, Giveaway ends @ 8:45PM Central on Oct. 22nd, 2015

#PoiseLinerLove Twitter Party Sweeps

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are solely my own.


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