August 25, 2008

NEW Dole Fruit Bowls and CONTESTS!

NEW Dole Fruit Bowls and CONTESTS!

Mommy Perks recently received a sample of the new Dole Fruit Bowls Diced Apples in order to try them out. We were also sent a jar of the Dole Mandarin Oranges in light syrup. What could be more fun than sampling new products and sharing about that with our members? There is so much to share, too, so read on!!!

Many of us pack our kid’s lunches and we are always on the lookout for a healthy alternative to candy, snacks, etc. Something that our kids will eat and enjoy and hopefully receive nutritional value from. My favorite aspect of the new diced apples was the fact that they sit in light syrup and not heavy sweet syrup and they taste great! They are not soggy or mushy but nice and crisp and are cut small enough that even a toddler could easily enjoy them without any trouble. The touch of sweetness is just enough but it is by no means overwhelming. That’s great for moms like me who stay away from the fruit jars full of heavy, sugary syrups. I want the convenience of easy-to-handle fruit snacks for my kids but I also want to know they are eating a healthy snack with nutritional aspects – DOLE offers both.

Dole is now selling these new handy snack packs with diced apples, sold in packs of four. Each serving contains 45% of the daily vitamin C and 80 calories. My only concern was the 18g of sugar per container, however, all natural fruit contains sugar and personally, I’d rather my child get sugar from fruit than from processed foods.

These apple packs are small, easy to store and DOLE even has a new product that will carry the fruit bowls in an enticing little package! Stop by to order your Madagascar Limited Edition Marty, the Zebra, insulated Snak Pak, for just $4.99.

DOLE is happy to give away a month’s worth of Dole Fruit Bowls to a Mommy Perks member so enter today for your chance to win! Please send an email to using the subject line: DOLE Giveaway. We will inform the winner by email. If you are not yet a Mommy Perks member you can sign up here for FREE before entering the contest.

Last but not least, don’t forget to vote for your favorite snacking recipe at You could win $100 just by voting for your favorite recipe. You may enter daily and each vote gives you a chance to win the $100 prize. After voting, DOLE would love to hear your feedback. Feel free to vote and return to this page to leave a comment about the recipe you voted for or your favorite Dole products.

My own favorite DOLE product is the Mandarin Oranges (although the diced apples are now a close second!). I have used those for years in green leafy salads along with cranberries, walnuts and a light vinaigrette dressing. Actually, I typically make that with our Thanksgiving dinner each year.

Whatever your Dole delight, these natural fruit products are bound to please even the pickiest of fruit eaters. Grab a few products on your next grocery shop and keep on eye out for any Sunday coupons in your weekly circulars, too.

Don’t forget to vote and enter now for chances to win!!!


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