August 22, 2011

Agoo Leggings: giveaway (two pair)

bamboo leggings

You are entering for THESE leggings: Penguins / Dinosaur

This giveaway is now CLOSED. Comment #14 was selected from Congrats!

Deadline: Ends on September 6, 2011. One winner will be selected from and notified by email.

Why am I giving away our leggings?

A while back I ordered numerous pairs of Agoo Leggings and my mother ordered a few styles, also. They were running a great sale. A little mix-up occurred and one pair never shipped.

To make up for matters, Agoo shipped me five pairs of leggings!

I’ve decided that my kids don’t need that many and we ought to share the love.

So…comment below in order to enter for two pairs of leggings: as seen in the photo to your right:

  1. Penguins
  2. Dinosaur

Happy Leggings! 🙂




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