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EF Foundation for Foreign Study: Host families needed

My Story: When I was a kid, our family hosted a foreign exchange student every year, for several years running. We were not a wealthy family and someone had to give up a bedroom in order to host the students – but we did it. I remember grumbling a little bit but in the end, […]

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My one-question survey results: “What do you like most about Mommy Perks?”

A few days ago I decided to try out Kwik Surveys – a free survey program that anyone can utilize. I know there are numerous free survey companies online now so I wanted to try my hand at one. That way, I can offer my clients direct feedback about how the system works. Disclaimer: No […]

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CFL light bulb – have you made the switch yet?

A special note from Cooler Planet: We at Cooler Planet are trying to do our part to help spread awareness of what switching to CFL light bulbs can do to your energy savings and green house emission reduction. Did you know that according to EnergyStar, if every home in America replaced just one traditional, incandescent […]

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Who’s going into the goodie bags for June 12-13th?

Several small business owners shipped items for the June 12-13th goodie bags. We are busily putting the bags together (it’s taking a few days…bag stuffing is no quick job!). I’ll pass them out at the Strawberry Festival this weekend, promoting each of the fabulous businesses and blessing the recipients with free stuff! Here’s the list […]

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Recycling Tommy Hilfiger

Ever since I met Barb, owner of Treasures 4 Teachers, my thinking has changed. Once upon a time, if my husband had brought me his ripped jean shorts, I would have said, “Toss them.” Today, when he brought me his torn shorts and said, “Toss them?” I replied, “No! We have a lot of quilters […]

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How to stop bullying: Part 2 (story about my son)

A few days ago I posted a commentary piece titled, “How do I think bullying can be stopped?” The post received hundreds of views and reads but only one comment (Leah). I got to wondering – how do other people think bullying can be stopped? After asking around, it became clear – most people don’t […]

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