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Taking care of *you* during the holidays (guest post)

*This post is a part of the Mommy Perks Gift Guide 2010 collection. Submitted by Jennifer Ascher Ahhh, the holidays….You shop, wrap, decorate, bake and cook – the list goes on and on. As moms, we tend to take care of everybody and everything. But let’s be real – we often forget about taking care […]

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Are you ready to vote?* is giving away a quarter million dollars between the four winning schools. They state: Our 15 finalists have been selected. Now it’s up to you. The school with the most overall votes will win the $100,000 grand prize. The school with the most votes in each category (K-6, 7-9, […]

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October 31, 2010

Jesus judgments turned to tolerance: Was I brainwashed? {My story}

Really, Shara? Are you GOING THERE? Yes. Today, I am. Here’s why: Yesterday on twitter I was clicking around a bit (we had a sitter here and I had TIME on my hands!). I came across a little chat between two non-Christians. One statement was along the lines of, “They can believe whatever crazy illusion […]

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A Jewish-Christian Holiday?

*This post is a part of the Mommy Perks Gift Guide 2010 collection. Submitted by Michelle Finzel Life usually has a way of providing exactly what you need. Growing up Jewish in an extremely commercialized and Christmas-focused America, I wasn’t always sure that was the case. It wasn’t difficult or anything, but it was pretty […]

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Alzheimer’s disease research interview with Dr. Rafii, M.D., PhD

I recently interviewed Dr. Rafii regarding his Alzheimer’s disease research. This interview was made possible through our colleagues at West Glen. My Interview: 1. What tools can be used to keep Alzheimer’s patients in the “real world” (lucid, etc). How can we actively help them stay focused in the here-and-now? ANSWER: The abilities of someone […]

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September 13, 2010

Fresh Start Private: feature (alternative drug treatment for addicts)

The information below is being posted on behalf of West Glen and Fresh Start Private.* My thoughts and opinions first: (seeing as this is my blog and all) 😉 When I was first asked to post about this program I went to the website to check things out. A doctor came onto the screen and […]

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