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Traveling with kids? Get your Wikki on!

Not long ago my mother asked if I’d like to come visit the rest of my family – out of state. I replied, “Um. I love you mom but the thought of driving across the state with four kids sounds a little less fun than the idea of poking my eyeballs out.” I can assure […]

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Visualize ASL: What makes this ASL company different?

An interview with Cathi Bouton, owner of Visualize ASL Tell our readers what makes your ASL business/services different from the others they find online! There are a couple of things that make our products unique. They are interactive; after watching the sign, a choice needs to be made to determine the correct concept. This type […]

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November 29, 2011

Our Festival of Lights weekend (photos) : running the kid’s booth

Last weekend we helped out at the town Festival of Lights. We ran a kid’s booth and had the visitors make their own ornaments. I thought I’d share a few photos with you… Here I am with my three kids (#4 is still inside the tummy): How stink’n cute are they, when they’re getting along? […]

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Chelsea Baby : review {cutest darn baby shoes ever!}

A pair of Chelsea Baby shoes recently found their way into my mailbox. We received the Bucky Shoes for review: Pesto Green and sand color “Sensuede” in combination with a classic black and white stripe cotton toe make these Chelsea Baby shoes a fresh take on class. Oh, lets not forget the fantastic brown and […]

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BuggyLove : Organic stroller cleaning kit

We recently received the BuggyLove organic stroller cleaning kit for review. I don’t have a baby at the moment (soon enough!) so we were not able to test the cleaning kit, as our stroller is sitting in storage. I opened the bottles to smell the solutions because I have a strong aversion to overpowering smells […]

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Little Wrappers Review {One of the most useful baby shower gifts EVER}

I love twitter and facebook. They have brought so many wonderful people into my life and the owner (Nathalie) of Little Wrappers is no exception. Nathalie has been hanging out with the Mommy Perks community for a while now. Her cheerful energy always brightens my day. I don’t have time to pop over to every […]

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