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Do you believe that what goes around in business…comes around?

I’ve posted about this in the past but it’s been quite a few months. I think we all need to be reminded of the ‘giving’ concept so I am writing about this again. Throughout my years of working with moms and small business owners I’ve often heard: “Things are just not happening for me. I’m […]

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February 20, 2010

Do you ever wonder why blog comments are rejected?

(*Please note: The comment HAS been put through on The Happiest Mom blog now.) A few days ago I stumbled upon this article at the New York Times website: A (Very) Young Mother. The author of the post was not anyone I had heard of before or read from: The Happiest Mom. I loved the […]

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My Cinnabon Seattle Trip: Read all about it!

It all started with an email from Sarah at The Rogers Group: Jerilyn, the brains behind the original Cinnabon recipe, is inviting you into her home for an exclusive hands-on event: you are one of just a few select bloggers to be invited to this bake-n-taste made by the original CinnaMom herself. The getaway takes […]

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Things to keep you busy while I’m in Seattle with Cinnabon

Okay – so the last time I went out of town I left you a nice long list of “to do’s” – to keep you busy while you were missing me 🙂 This trip will be no different. I have no doubt that you will miss me desperately, just as I will miss you. I […]

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Did you hear what happened with

Not long ago we ran a giveaway here on Mommy Perks for parents, teachers, home schoolers, librarians and more. The sponsor was our own Sandy, owner of The giveaway received a great response, with a total 0f 61 moms, parents, teachers, home schoolers and educators – all entering for a free one year membership. […]

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January 27, 2010

If you like it, Label it! (Labels for clothing and more)

*Guest post on the Mommy Perks VIP Blog: If you like it… Label it! This is a key piece of advice in more ways than one, and for anyone who’s on the go and busy with children, you’ll certainly appreciate the value of labels. Whether it’s for a creation or a possession, there’s no underestimating […]

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