What my kids taught me about business today {at that park}

mommy_perks_imageEarlier today, I walked three of my kids down to the park. The two middle kids rolled down a few hills, tossed the leaves, and played in the playground area. At one point, I walked over to watch them playing in the sand.

My six year old daughter said, “See those kids over there? We asked to play with them and they said no.”

I asked, “They said no? They told you that you could NOT play with them?”

My four year old son replied, “Yep!”

I pushed them a little more. “What do you mean they said no? They actually told you to go away?”

My daughter said, “They told us they wanted to be alone. They said they didn’t want us playing with them.”

I said, “Well, let’s just go play somewhere else, then. You guys are always trying to make new friends and most kids are open to that. If they are not, we can play somewhere else; that’s fine.”

My daughter smiled and said, “No. We decided that we’d play over here, pretty close to them. We’re building a really cool sand castle. Maybe they will look over, see it, and want to come play with us. We’re going try that.”

I said, “You guys are pretty amazing, you know that? Your idea is much better than mine.” So open-minded and proactive!

After about ten minutes my kids went over to the other children and let them know that they were building something neat. The other kids came over to see. They all played together, after that.

Business tie in…

  1. How often do we think we have a good idea but refuse to take the risk?
  2. How often do we want to go for something but allow rejection to crush our aspirations?
  3. How often do we get our feelings hurt and allow that to cloud a proactive, and more creative, approach?

I’ll be pondering these things in the coming days…

Thanks, kids.



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