October 29, 2012

“What is your favorite thing about owning a business?” {Women in Small Business Month}

Mommy Perks logoIn honor of National Women in Small Business Month, I invited our 2012 Gift Guide members (including one dad, yes!) to answer the following question:

“What is your favorite thing about owning a business?”

Here are the replies I received:

The best part of owning my own business is being able to wake up everyday knowing that the job I am doing is fulfilling a lifelong dream through something I am passionate about and that has shaped the person that I am today.

Heather Parisi, Flip2BFit

The satisfaction of knowing… I did build my business, and I work with great companies that allow me to feel the heartbeat of small business. You become partners with your clients… and there is great satisfaction in the success you create together!

Wendy McDonald, Wikki Stix PR

Flexibility – I am able to work on my own schedules, which means I walk my boys to school every day, volunteer in their schools, play with them and still run my business.

Leah, Peacock Pottery

Owning a business gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am just tickled by the fact that I was able to put an abstract concept playing in my head to fruition. Getting heartfelt testimonials from customers has been a delight, too.

Bola, Slimy Bookworm

First and foremost I love getting to know my customers, learning about them, their challenges and their triumphs.  I love that I can be a small part of a solution in finding them more durable options to dress their boys in a way that is fashionable and not just the plain old t-shirt and jeans standard.  I also love that running an internet business allows me the flexibility to be available to my children, to be involved in their school, extra curricular activities (such as theatre, choir…) and most of all that I can take the time to care for my mother who is suffering of Parkinson’s and in the early stages of dementia.  Owning my own business has been such a blessing for all of those reasons and so many more, I don’t think I would be able to go back to a standard 9 to 5 job even though the security of a regular paycheck can be priceless.

Suzanne, The Boy’s Store

I found something that I am very much passionate about. Something I have never stopped or given up on, even through the ups and downs.Your dream can come about slowly, so be thankful for every moment.

Caroline, Little Journey’s World

There are an array of perks to owning your own business. I personally enjoy the challenge to drive my passion to new boundaries.  Literally, each corner you turn opens a door to new adventures.  It’s that exciting unknown that keeps you moving forward!

Cameron, Daddy Bookins

My favorite thing about owning a business is the opportunity to take my God given passion of creating art that makes little people happy, from once only a dream, to seeing more and more doors open to endless possibilities of actually making a living doing something I love.

Judith Raye, Inspired by Caden

I love being my own boss! The fact that I am working towards something I truly believe in which gives me great motivation to get up every morning with a “let’s go” attitude is a blessing.  My spirit has always been one of an entrepreneur, so it is a joy to know that I am right where I was intended to be.

Kristen Stevens, Cute Beltz

I believe heartily that kids learn by what you do, and not necessarily by what you say. My husband works out of home, so they really have no idea about what he does at work, his successes and failures. My business, however, is all around them — physically and mentally. They’re learning first hand about the good and bad of being or living with an entrepreneur. Even if my business turns out not to be the success I hope it will, I still think my kids will have learned a lot about entrepreneurship as a work choice and the realities of balancing home and work demands.

Karen Walker, Swaggertag

My favorite thing about owning a business is the variety! I love that no day is ever the same. There is nothing mundane and it is ALWAYS challenging. Owning a business is definitely not for the ‘faint of heart’ it takes endless strength and a relentless amount of passion!

Christy Cook, TeachMy

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